Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Empirix enables 5G and IoT monitoring

Steve Rogerson
March 18, 2020

Empirix, a Massachusetts-based provider of end-to-end test automation and network and service performance monitoring, has announced Klerity, a framework for 5G and IoT monitoring, assurance and analytics.
With the industry looking at 5G and IoT as the next major opportunity for business differentiation and revenue generation, communications service providers and enterprises are faced with the imperative of building networks that are resilient, cannot fail and can support various traditional and mission-critical services and applications while improving operational efficiency.
Klerity lets them execute their strategies in an agile, cost-effective manner, to mitigate risk and reduce time to market for new services.
Designed from the ground up to be cloud-native, open and flexible, Klerity embeds advancements in technology when it comes to data capture, processing, transfer, storage and visualisation. Its microservices-based architecture is the result of a decomposition in atomic functions and leverages Kubernetes. This enables efficiency, scaling ability and deployment flexibility in terms of compute resources, thus making it suitable for organisations pursuing full automation and orchestration of network and service operations.
Numerous capabilities let it address the critical, emerging requirements of any IoT, 5G core, Open RAN and mobile edge compute environment including open APIs and its ability to collect and correlate data from any multitude of sources across the end-to-end service path as well as from the infrastructure of virtualised and cloud-native network domains. A pricing model completely independent of traffic volume completes the value proposition.
"Our customers face an unprecedented challenge – a very complex 5G and IoT network ecosystem, high expectations from services and applications that depend on it, and a need to do more with much less," said Edoardo Rizzi, senior vice president at Empirix. "Klerity enables them to overcome that challenge and build trust with their ecosystem and the end-users of the service. Klerity efficiently delivers much-needed transparency to networks, services, devices and applications, making the what, where and why of relevant issues readily clear so they can be effectively resolved. We have deployed Klerity in tier-one environments and are excited about the traction across the market and with major industry players and customers."
Empirix is a portfolio company of Thoma Bravo.