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EMotorWerks and WattTime help EV drivers use cleaner energy

Steve Rogerson
June 30, 2015
EMotorWerks, a California-based manufacturer of intelligent and connected smart grid charging products for electric vehicles (EVs), has produced a smart EV charging station capable of automatically reducing the carbon footprint of EV charging through environmentally smart timing algorithms. The project was developed in collaboration with WattTime, a not-for-profit clean energy software start-up built on research by University of California, Berkeley, PhDs.
EV drivers can now use the WattTime enabled JuiceBox Green 40 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their vehicle. The software automatically analyses the local power grid in real time to identify moments when charging the EV would only draw power from particularly clean power plants – from renewables to highly efficient power plants – and JuiceBox adjusts EV charging schedules to draw only on the cleanest power sources available.
"We are thrilled to offer the cleanest charging EVSE ever produced," said EMotorWerks founder Valery Miftakhov. "After developing the most advanced and efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles it was a natural progression to also develop the cleanest. EV drivers now have even greater choice and control over how they charge."
JuiceBox Green 40 not only charges an EV faster than most EVSEs on the market, it is the only EVSE that helps to ensure the cleanest charge. Combined with the power of JuiceNet, which prioritises time and rate of charge based on user configured profiles, the EV owner simply plugs the EV into the JuiceBox Green 40 knowing the system will do the rest.
"EVs have always held the promise of a cleaner energy future, but they are only as clean as the electricity they use," said Gavin McCormick, cofounder and executive director of WattTime. “So we are delighted that thanks to the forward looking leadership of one EV charging station manufacturer, EMotorWerks, EV drivers everywhere now have the choice to automatically run their car strictly on the cleanest possible sources on their own local power grid.”