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EMotorWerks expands smart EV charging into Europe

Steve Rogerson
March 14, 2018

Following its recent acquisition by Enel, California-based IoT electric vehicle (EV) charging provider eMotorWerks is expanding into Europe with the release of its JuiceBox Pro 32 EV charging station. The company has set up its European headquarters in Berlin, and offices in London and Paris.
The company has also secured CE certification for its line of smart-grid integrated JuiceBox charging products that complement Enel's public charge point services and fast-charging DC stations already being delivered in Europe.
"We've always held a global vision to serve customers around the world," said eMotorWerks founder and CEO Valery Miftakhov. “As demand in Europe is booming, increasing our footprint here allows us to ensure grids throughout the continent are primed for the smart-grid charging necessary to take advantage of everything EVs have to offer customers and energy providers. Our expansion supports Enel's broader plan for more robust electric vehicle charging infrastructure throughout Europe."
The top-rated JuiceBox charging stations and cloud-connected JuiceNet software platform can deliver smart-grid charging capabilities to European consumers. With the JuiceBox line of smart grid wallboxes, EV drivers can experience high-powered charging and smartphone visibility and control over EV charging.
"With our numerous European partnerships, establishing our presence throughout the European market is the next step in assisting energy providers to prepare for the coming wave of EVs," said Sergey Kiselev, VP for Europe. "As part of global energy provider Enel, our expansion will support the impressive European EV growth by providing charging and energy services that adapt to regional energy systems and customer needs."
EMotorWerks' expansion builds on Italian company Enel's presence in Europe as a provider of traditional and renewable energy and its presence in the DC fast-charging market and bi-directional vehicle-to-grid charging, with stations already deployed in southern Europe as well as the UK and Romania. To date, eMotorWerks has deployed nearly 30,000 smart-grid charging stations worldwide into residential, multifamily and public locations through it JuiceBox charging stations.
"JuiceBox and JuiceNet are the next generation charging technologies for the EV market, and are already broadly deployed in North America," said Vincent Schachter, SVP for energy services. "The progress we have made allows Enel and our partners from the energy and automotive industries to dynamically shape EV load demand in response to grid signals, avoid demand spikes, exert greater control over regional EV charging, as well as minimise costly grid upgrades and peak energy acquisition costs; all in the service of making EV driving a smoother, grid-friendly, more affordable experience."
By shifting when and how much electricity JuiceNet-enabled stations draw from the grid, eMotorWerks helps utilities and grid operators reduce electricity costs, ease grid congestion, and increase the use of solar and wind power.