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Emerson acquires cold-chain technology firms Locus Traxx and PakSense

Steve Rogerson
September 13, 2016
Emerson is acquiring Locus Traxx and PakSense to help it provide consistent and safe control of food and other temperature-sensitive goods.
“The addition of Locus Traxx and PakSense to our portfolio strongly positions Emerson to address the high-stakes challenges faced by end users in the agriculture, transport and retail industries to keep their products fresh, while helping them drive incremental growth,” said Bob Sharp, executive vice president of Missouri-based Emerson. “This investment in innovation and technologies in fresh food monitoring demonstrates how we are transforming Emerson to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”
Locus Traxx, based in Jupiter, Florida, provides real-time temperature loggers, which can be monitored anytime, anywhere, using cloud-based analytics. This allows cargo owners to monitor food and high-value shipments throughout the entire supply chain to promote freshness and quality.
PakSense, headquartered in Boise, Idaho, offers temperature-monitoring products fitting a wide range of shipments and cost-benefit scenarios that monitor the condition of perishable goods through the supply chain, so that only the freshest and safest products reach consumers.
“With these acquisitions, we are expanding our leadership in helping growers, food processors, shippers, retailers and others to improve temperature controls, product quality and cargo monitoring throughout the supply chain,” said Mark Dunson, group vice president at Emerson. “These expanded capabilities also help customers meet regulatory requirements for food quality and safety and reduce global waste.”
Emerson, already serving the global container shipping and food retail industries, will include Locus Traxx and PakSense in a newly formed business focused on cargo-based services.
“This is a strong growth market for Emerson,” Sharp added. “Providing this more expansive solution that covers the whole fresh food process from grower to retailer is another example of how we are focusing the company to be stronger, faster and more nimble for our customers.”
Emerson is a long-time partner with leading shipping companies, trucking lines and refrigerated container manufacturers, providing technology and services to ensure the integrity of cold chain assets. The company supplies remote monitoring services to 17,000 food retail sites globally, and has integrated its monitoring technologies within 2000 vessels in the past ten years.
Terms of the acquisitions were not disclosed.