Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Monitor alerts physicians of high blood pressure

Steve Rogerson
November 21, 2017

Emed Jamaica has created a remote monitoring device that lets individuals monitor their blood pressure from the comfort of their own home. It is for patients who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and are at risk of developing other serious, life-threatening conditions.
The kits will have several medical monitoring devices, such as an O2 monitor that is used to measure oxygen levels in the blood, a blood pressure monitor, and a telemedicine phone allowing patients access to physicians. The remote medical monitoring devices will also record and organise these measurements.
Every time an individual checks their blood pressure, the information will not only be sent to their personal app, but their physician will also have access to these data on their own version of the dashboard. If the measurements are at dangerously levels – enough to warrant a stroke or heart attack – an alert is sent directly to the doctor and immediate action is taken.
Emed Jamaica’s CEO Duane Boise, pictured demonstrating the system, has always had patients at the centre of his philosophy for healthcare. His company, was built on the foundation that patients from every part of the world, from every background, and from every financial situation deserve top-quality care available to them when they need it most. To do this, Boise stresses the importance of telemedicine. Not only do patients have more access to doctors, nurses and loved ones, but professionals can easily access urgent medical records and information from virtually wherever they are.
This inspiration for transforming the face of healthcare happened after he witnessed a hotel guest suffer a mild heart attack in the Caribbean while on vacation over 20 years ago.
“I noted a serious need for efficient emergency medical services in the region in that moment,” he said. “I knew I had to dedicate my career to improving medical services by creating cost-efficient and reliable technology to enhance the care of patients from all over the globe.”
The remote medical monitoring kits will be available to the public for purchase.

Emed Jamaica’s focus is combining the services of ambulances, air ambulances, local healthcare services and health information technology systems to improve care, thus offering medical services that will help to prolong and save more lives. Currently, his company’s reach extends into Florida, Canada, Jamaica and the Caribbean.