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Eltel installing 1000 smart meters a day in Norway and starts pilot project in Denmark

Steve Rogerson
February 15, 2017

Eltel’s smart metering rollout in Norway has hit the 1000 installation a day mark and it has now started the pilot phase of a rollout in Denmark.
Eltel and Hafslund Nett signed a smart metering rollout contract for 630,000 direct measured meters in Norway in 2015, to be completed by 2019. The rollout with Kamstrup in Denmark for Radius – formerly Dong Energy Eldistribution – has started and is now in the pilot phase. Eltel's total reference is exceeding rollouts of more than five million smart meters.
In 2006, Eltel started its smart metering business in Finland and Sweden and in ten years the company has installed 3.5 million smart meters in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. After the Hafslund contract, Eltel in 2015 won projects with Skagerak Nett and the Soria consortium, both in Norway. Norway is now the last Nordic country to rollout modern smart metering systems and, according to regulations, these have to be completed by 2019.
In November 2015, Eltel announced a rollout and implementation contract with Kamstrup in its project with Radius in Denmark. The Radius project is the largest smart meter rollout in Denmark and Eltel's share will be 500,000 smart meter changes. Today, Eltel counts a total order backlog of approximately 1.6 million smart meter rollouts to be completed during 2019, bringing the total reference of rollouts to more than five million smart meters.
In spring 2016, Eltel entered the German metering market through two acquisitions.
The Eltel scope in the Hafslund project comprises project management, rollout planning, end customer communications, logistics and installations. In the Hafslund project, the planning and scheduling took place during autumn 2015 and piloting was done between spring and summer 2016, followed by a two-month ramp-up in autumn 2016.
The pilot phase in the Kamstrup project for Radius started in December and is planned to be completed in February 2017. The plan is to start mass rollout in summer 2017 to be completed by the end of 2019.
"Smart metering is one of Eltel's most prospective growth areas where we have ten years of experience and a clear market leading position in the Nordic countries,” said Juha Luusua, president of Eltel Power Distribution. “The experience in starting and ramping up of the project with Hafslund Nett has been really good, our team is highly motivated, rollouts are on-going according to schedule and end customer feedback has been positive. This rollout has passed an important milestone and we are now making over 1000 installations daily. The model has been tested with great success in Finland and Sweden and is now showing good results also in Norway. Currently, we have more than 100 technicians making installations for Hafslund.”
In Denmark, Eltel rolled out over 800,000 smart meters between 2007 and 2012.
“The Kamstrup project for Radius is an important proof of our efficiency and continued competitiveness,” said Luusua. “We recently won another rollout contract for 50,000 smart meters for electricity, heat and water. Our entry in Germany has added to the portfolio of Eltel's metering services and more references also with gas and water."
In 2015 Eltel net sales amounted to €1255m. The number of employees is approximately 9600. Since February 2015, Eltel has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.