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Elliott updates web application for asset manager software

Steve Rogerson
August 11, 2015
Missouri-based Elliott Data Systems believes its Asset Manager software will be able to reach new places and be more affordable due to the latest version of its web application. With Mobile Solutions v7.6, a PC, internet connection and an Asset Manager secure login, emergency first response administrators can access crucial asset data at any time.
The software suite is designed to perform secure personnel and first responder, asset and event data management, among other accountability functions, to support emergency management agencies and other first response organisations.
The Asset Manager software has been integral to Elliott’s Mobile Solutions systems, enabling first responders and agencies across the USA to perform automated accountability during routine and emergency events over the years. But version 7.6 of the software makes everyday use of the system easier to access and more affordable for these departments.
Organisations were previously able to run Asset Manager on multiple PCs and share one centralised database using the online data server; however, with the 7.6 release, Asset Manager can be deployed on premises or online as software as a service (SaaS) hosted by Elliott. Additional product enhancements incorporated into the release include dynamic NIMS typing, additional data fields for custom information, advanced search functions, additional asset transfer options and an updated user interface.
“We want the Mobile Solutions product suite to be an easy-to-use, everyday tool for the agencies that deploy it,” said Josh Dunbar, president of Elliott Data Systems. “The 7.6 release provides unmatched flexibility, features and affordability.”
While the web application lets organisations expand and unite their asset management process online, the Asset Manager client software can still be positioned as a main support centre for the administrative network. This software works both on- or off-line and supports system hardware peripherals such as mobile computing, printers and scanners.
The flexible design allows multiple hosting options.
The asset database is housed on an Asset Manager server that may be hosted on the organisation’s network at a department facility, on a Mobile Solutions command case in the field, or deployed as an SaaS model. With SSL data encryption and a hierarchical user rights system, the web application provides multiple layers of asset data protection.
Elliott Data Systems is partnered with a national network of ISG (Identification Systems Group) dealerships that are trained and certified to sell and support Mobile Solutions.