Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Modular smart hospital rooms for rapid expansion

William Payne
September 18, 2018

EIR Healthcare has launched what it bills as 'building blocks for a smart hospital', MedModular. The MedModular system is pre-built hospital, clinical and laboratory rooms pre-equipped with smart technology that are designed to be integrated immediately into smart hospital networks and data infrastructure. The goal of MedModular is to make it faster and cheaper to assemble or expand smart hospital or life science facilities.

Philadelphia based EIR Healthcare has the aim of bringing efficient industrial practices to healthcare, laboratory, and life sciences. 

MedModular rooms are delivered 90% complete, wired with smart technology, for easy "Lego-esque" integration into hospital infrastructure. EIR Healthcare says this allows attention and resources be directed to where they are most needed, such as staffing budgets, resources for advanced research and new equipment. The company claims that through the MedModular method, healthcare organisations will experience a competitive price per square foot compared to traditional construction with up to 40% faster completion time.

According to EIR Healthcare, this is the world's first application of prefabrication and modular technology of hospital rooms to ensure faster delivery and build times, and minimised budgets.

"I started this company based on my father's vision for a more efficiently operated hospital," said Grant Geiger, Founder & CEO, EIR Healthcare.
"With the completion of our first prototype, we've proven that a modular and smart hospital room is possible – and given its benefits to both the hospital management and patients it should be the only option worth considering when building new hospital construction from this point forward."