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Egypt smart meter pilot

William Payne
January 5, 2017
The Egyptian Ministry of Electricity is reviewing bids for a tender for 250,000 smart electricity meters.

Tenders from nine companies have been received from suppliers, which include ZTE, Huawei, Ericsson, Alcan, El Sewedy Electric, EIU INC, Gamma, and Siemens. Two of the companies have been excluded. Talks are continuing with the other seven.

The Ministry of Electricity is planning on installing 20 million smart metres over the next ten year in order to improve billing accuracy, reduce electricity use, combat electricity theft and encourage increased pre-payments by consumers.

It is understood that each of the remaining seven companies in the tendering process will be commissioned to supply a part of the 250,000 smart meters.

The current tender for 250,000 smart meters is to establish a pilot programme across six electricity suppliers throughout Egypt. 

50,000 smart meters are earmarked for a pilot programme in Egypt's capital, Cairo involving the North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company and the South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company. Other meters will go to the Middle Egypt Electricity Distribution Company, South Delta Distribution Company, and the Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company.

The Ministry has also begun talks about a second tender with six of the suppliers. 

The Ministry of Electricity is being supported with procurement expertise by the National Forces' National Service Products Organisation.