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EEMBC licenses benchmark for IoT transport layer security

Steve Rogerson
September 11, 2018

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium, known as EEMBC, is licensing its transport layer security (TLS) protocol for IoT edge nodes.
The industry consortium develops benchmarks for embedded hardware and software. Its SecureMark-TLS benchmark is now available for licensing. Part of the SecureMark benchmarking suite for measuring the efficiency of cryptographic processing, SecureMark-TLS focuses on the TLS protocol for IoT edge nodes.
SecureMark-TLS measures the performance and energy consumption of processors when implementing the TLS protocol on an edge device. The benchmark uses a common IoT cypher suite comprised of elliptic curve cryptography for key exchange and digital signing, and standard primitives such as SHA256 and AES128, in both CCM and ECB modes.
The energy measurements are aggregated into a single final score that is representative of the TLS operations for the IoT edge node device.
"While security has become a paramount concern, implementing security comes at a price," said Jim McGregor, principal analyst at Tirias Research. “SecureMark-TLS is intended to help system and silicon designers evaluate the performance and energy costs of implementing security. By using the most common encryption protocol for IoT edge nodes, SecureMark-TLS provides a new metric for comparing processors and SoCs."
Other differentiators between products, such as cryptographic certifications (for example Nist or common criteria), countermeasures (xPA, fault injection), and hardware implementation specifics, can be described in a disclosure report. The disclosure report also includes a description of all relevant implementation details, such as the hardware device tested, the software library version used, compiler options and flags, and hardware crypto engine details if applicable.
"EEMBC's SecureMark suite is designed to provide an industry-created and standardised tool that allows applications developers to analyse security implementations," said Peter Torelli, EEMBC president and CTO. "Within the suite, we plan to support the testing and analysis of various security profiles for different application domains. For secure IoT communication, we are proud to introduce SecureMark-TLS as the first of these available for licensing."
EEMBC develops performance benchmarks for the hardware and software used in autonomous driving, mobile imaging, IoT, mobile devices and other applications. Benchmark suites are developed in a consensual process by EEMBC member companies and EEMBC technical staff to ensure fairness of approach and industry-wide acceptance.
Originally founded as the EDN Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium, EEBMC separated from EDN Magazine in 2012, but retained the double E in the name.