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Brain-machine interface central to EEG sleep monitor

Steve Rogerson
January 23, 2019

At this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Chinese AI firm EEGSmart, developer of an EEG-centred professional bioinformatics sensor, debuted its mini electroencephalogram (EEG) sleep monitor, UMindSleep,.
Artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare was a hot topic at CES. EEGSmart provides sensors and has developed a combined software and hardware brain-machine interface to collect real-time EEG data and analyse people's mental states with its AI technology.
UMindSleep, with its wearable sleep tracer and monitor, not only tracks relevant sleep data, including EEG, heart rate, blood oxygen, forehead temperature, body movement, position and snoring, but also accurately quantifies people's sleep processes, including analysing sleep disorders and symptoms, and helping find effective ways to improve users' sleep quality. The EEG analysis results achieve a level of professional sleep-monitoring standards, and could be used by medical institutions and health management agencies.
After testing the UMindSleep machine, one expert in sleep medicine said: "The real-time signal waveforms produced by EEGSmart are very impressive, and the comprehensive analysis results are also very professional."
Additionally, many buyers at CES showed interest. One commented: "With a strong sense of design, UMindSleep performs well in both appearance and function, and I believe it will expand quickly in the overseas market."
Besides applying UMindSleep in enterprises, EEGSmart will also try to develop EEG sleep-monitoring products aimed at ordinary consumers with a much lower price.
In addition to healthcare, the other focus of EEGSmart is on entertainment. Its entertainment drone with mind-control function also attracted many CES attendees wanting to try it out. This drone kit, integrated with neuro-feedback technology, is planned to be launched this spring on a global crowdfunding platform.
Because this is the first time it was exhibiting these products at CES, He Chao, founder of EEGSmart, said the positive feedback he received strengthened his company's mission to make human life healthier and happier, and he believes EEGSmart's sleep-monitoring technology could drive technology upgrades and innovation in this area, as well as serving the needs of more domestic and international organisations and individuals.