Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Collaboration aims to bring digital health to three billion people

Steve Rogerson
August 7, 2018
The European Connected Health Alliance (ECH Alliance) and the Commonwealth Centre for Digital Health (CWCDH) are working together to accelerate and drive the international deployment of digital health at scale and facilitate collaboration for international digital health projects.
Digital technologies offer opportunities to strengthen health systems and improve the way health care is delivered. To realise the potential of digital health, collaboration across the health and ICT sectors, both public and private, is essential.
Together, the ECH Alliance and the CWCDH connect 78 countries with a combined population of approximately three billion, 40% of the world’s population. Given the number and diversity of the countries, and the different stages of digital development, this partnership aims to facilitate and enable the identification, sharing and application of best practices and innovations.
The partnership will also provide public and private funders of digital health with a coherent international network and organisations to deploy digital health and provide quality and sustainable healthcare services. The commonwealth provides the opportunity for governments, health systems, industry and academia to compare and contrast needs and opportunities across a significant international network and population.
“As we implement the exciting plans for the CWCDH across the 53 commonwealth countries, we are delighted to partner with the ECH Alliance, who have long experience in establishing an international network and have created an effective delivery mechanism through their successful multi stakeholder ecosystem network,” said Vajira Dissanayake, chair of the CWCDH. “Joining forces and leveraging this experience will enable us to accelerate our plans to deliver and scale digital health innovations.”
The CWCDH and ECH Alliance have formed an implementation group to ensure this partnership delivers on the opportunities.
“We have learned a lot in establishing the existing international networks in Europe, Canada and China,” said Brian O’Connor, chair of the ECH Alliance. “We are delighted not only to share those experiences with CWCDH but to learn from the many digital health innovations that already exist in the commonwealth. We also believe the partnership opens up real business opportunities for two ways trade between Europe and the commonwealth. What I really like about this partnership is we share the same determination to be practical and not another talking shop”
The CWCDH is a not for profit organisation, working closely with the Commonwealth Medical Association, working together to link commonwealth countries and realise the potential for digital health to transform and strengthen their health systems. The commonwealth is made up of 53 independent countries with a combined population of 2.4 billion, of which more than 60 per cent is aged 29 or under. It spans the globe and includes both advanced economies and developing countries. It encompasses Africa (19 countries), Asia (7), the Caribbean and Americas (13), Europe (3) and the Pacific (11).
The ECH Alliance facilitates multi-stakeholder connections around ecosystems, driving sustainable change and disruption in the delivery of health and social care. Its community gathers over 650 member organisations and more than 16,500 experts, including government, health and social care providers, companies and start-ups, researchers, insurances, patients and citizens, and the investment community. Active in more than 25 regions and countries (Europe, USA, Canada and China), alliance members develop products and services around mobile health, chronic diseases, active and healthy ageing, IoT, wearables, personalised medicine, genomics, big data, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.