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China healthcare developer integrates EarlySense monitoring into intelligent hospital ward platform

Steve Rogerson
May 25, 2017
Shenzhen Lachesis Mhealth, China's leading intelligent healthcare developer, has integrated EarlySense's InSight contactless monitoring technology into its new intelligent hospital ward platform.
The joint platform, designed for general ward staff and patients, was unveiled at this month’s China International Medical Equipment Fair in Shanghai.
The intelligent ward platform provides a complete suite of technologies that enable an advanced and streamlined healthcare flow to deliver more efficient and improved medical services. The platform includes a closed-loop infusion management system, intelligent diagnosis and treatment assistant, nurse digital assistant device, nurse information system, IoT management and a variety of patient monitoring sensors. With the addition of EarlySense, real-time cardiac and respiratory data and notifications can be be relayed to the nurses' station, as well as handheld devices and other remote viewing displays within the facility.
"The need to continuously monitor post-acute care patients is growing, and we are pleased to collaborate with leading smart sensor developer EarlySense on a solution that will prove essential to both patients and healthcare staff across the region," said Shuangquan Zhu, CEO of Shenzhen Lachesis Mhealth. "Our platform combines wireless sensing technology and advanced analytics to create a seamless, end-to-end solution for safe, cost-effective monitoring of general care patients."
Placed under a bed mattress, Israeli company EarlySense's patented sensor accurately and continuously monitors patient heart rate, respiratory rate and movement without ever touching the patient. Leveraging algorithms that analyse two patient data points per second, it helps healthcare teams with early detection of patient deterioration, helping to prevent adverse events, including code blues, patient falls and pressure ulcers.
"We are pleased to collaborate with Lachesis to bring our clinically-proven sensors to China, to help improve patient care and empower health teams," said Yfat Scialom, vice president of EarlySense. "China is a key market in our global strategy and we look forward to working together to provide best-in-class solutions to one of the world's largest markets, and to positively impacting healthcare in the region."
EarlySense provides contact-free, continuous monitoring for the medical and consumer digital health markets. Its sensor and algorithms monitor and analyse cardiac, respiratory and motion parameters. Used in hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide, it assists clinicians in early detection of patient deterioration, helping to prevent adverse events, including code blues, preventable ICU transfers, patient falls and pressure ulcers.
Live by EarlySense is the first home health and sleep monitor powered by medically-proven, contact-free, continuous monitoring technology. The company's OEM technology is also at the core of wellness and sleep products marketed by international partners including Samsung, Beurer and iFit. EarlySense was founded in 2004 and has offices in Massachusetts and Ramat Gan, Israel.
Founded in 2010, Shenzhen Lachesis Mhealth specialises in intelligent healthcare, with a focus on cross-border innovation of intelligent, high-end medical equipment technology. It has R&D centres in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Wuhan and its sales have reached more than 4700 hospitals across China.