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How the Netherlands is taking a lead in EV charging

Steve Rogerson
October 25, 2016

By turning itself into one huge laboratory, the Netherlands is fast becoming the international frontrunner for smart charging electric vehicles, using them to store peak power production of solar and wind.
Already 325 municipalities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague have joined the Dutch Living Lab Smart Charging representing 80 per cent of all public charging stations. It is also supported by the Dutch government.
Adding to this, some large players on private and semi-private charging stations such as The New Motion and EV-Box have joined. Very soon all Dutch charging stations will be open for tests and research projects.
The Living Lab Smart Charging is an open platform where companies from multinationals to small tech start-ups, both national and international, universities, local and regional governments, and grid operators cooperate in an ambitious three-step programme.
The first step is to make as many charging stations as possible ready for smart charging. A huge upgrade operation is now taking place across the country making sure the existing charging stations will be able technically to facilitate smart charging. All new stations already are smart charging ready, such as the 2500 new charging points being rolled out by the southern provinces of Noord-Brabant and Limburg.
Step two is to use these stations for research and testing of smart charging. For example, there's an app by Jedlix that allows its users to earn money by using technology to charge the car in the middle of the night when the wind is still producing power but there is little demand. In Utrecht, vehicle-to-grid technology is being tested with Renault: charging the electric car with solar panels and using it as storage to put power back into the grid when the sun is no longer shining.
The final step is putting all innovation, tests and research findings into international standards so everyone can benefit from the Dutch experience.
The ultimate goal of the Dutch Living Lab Smart Charging is for all electric cars driving on the power of the sun and the wind.