Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Dubai technology park adopts smart street lighting

Steve Rogerson
October 27, 2015
The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) and telecoms operator Du have installed the UAE’s first smart streetlights and smart building technologies within the integrated free zone technology park. These add to the previously introduced IoT network where sensors are placed in everyday objects to become smart and interact with their surroundings.
Using motion sensors provided and programmed by Du, the smart streetlights will provide 25 per cent visibility until triggered to full power by approaching vehicles and pedestrians, allowing for less energy consumption that will prolong the life of electric bulbs and reduce operational costs and carbon impact. Additional sensors can be added to the streetlights to collect and share information and data on the surrounding environment, such as pollution and weather conditions, or even relay CCTV, advertising messages and safety warnings.
Furthermore, the smart building technologies, which include installing high-tech sensors within the DSOA headquarters, use Du software to allow energy and cost saving through managing electricity consumption and allowing automatic regulation of temperature throughout the headquarters. The sensors will send real time data to insure comfort and safety at all times.
“We have launched several smart initiatives in DSO that went through proof of concepts testing ahead of large scale implementation such as DSO smart waste management that proved to be very successful for reducing waste collection cost and environmental footprint,” said Muammar Khaled Al Katheeri, executive vice president at the DSOA. “DSO has demonstrated its ability to be the destination of choice for public and private entities as the centre of excellence for smart city initiatives. We are committed to researching and implementing smart city technologies on a sustained basis within our premises that will benefit DSO and the wider UAE. We look forward to increasing our collaboration with Du on the installation of more smart street lights and smart building technologies around DSO.”
The service is part of a growing list of smart city technologies brought to the UAE by Du, including the Middle East’s first successful IoT network and Wifi UAE.
“We are proud of our record in bringing smart city capabilities to the UAE and join hands with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority that shares our passion for innovation and smart technology,” said Carlos Domingo, senior executive officer at Du. “We are committed to advancing such collaborations to improve urban services and contribute to creating smarter cities throughout the UAE.”
A wholly owned entity of the government of Dubai, DSO operates as a free zone technology park for large enterprises, as well as medium and small companies looking to set up their offices in Dubai.