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Deutsche Post adopts RFID tags for tracking international merchandise

Steve Rogerson
December 3, 2015
Deutsche Post is offering to track international merchandise items using RFID tags.The aim of the Ländernachweis (advice of country) service is to make cross-border transport more transparent.
The service is tailored to the needs of ecommerce dispatch aimed atvendors that ship merchandise from Germany to other countries.
The company is using RFID tags on items to follow and register their cross-border transport and handover for delivery in the destination country. Both sender and recipient can view the shipping status of the item via Deutsche Post's track and trace portal. The RFID tags can either be placed on or inside items.
The service is designed specifically to cater to the needs of business customers and small-scale senders. While these customers can already use Einschreiben International (international registered items) to send higher-value goods, they often have other requirements when it comes to the international shipping of less expensive mid-sized to large items.
Every step in the shipping process need not be registered for these letter items, and key locations suffice for identifying their whereabouts. Ländernachweis closes this service gap and complements the ecommerce portfolio of Deutsche Post DHL by offering comprehensible and cost-effective tracking events that give senders and customers a clearer picture of the status of their items.
The letters are scanned at the international mail centre – the trans-shipment hub for all letters leaving Germany – and then at the international parcel centre of the destination country. Depending on the destination, the letter will be scanned once again at customs, as is the case in Switzerland and the USA.
Ländernachweis is available for 16 countries – the EU member states of Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, UK, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Hungary, and outside the EU in Switzerland and the USA. Other countries will follow shortly.
The Ländernachweis RFID tags come in sets of 20 and 50 (€19.00 and €45.00, respectively, including VAT) and can only be purchased online from the Deutsche Post eFiliale electronic retail outlet. For customers with higher shipping volumes, writable labels are available with integrated RFID tags. These labels can be integrated into shipping processes and facilitate the addressing of items for dispatch.