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Doximity launches doctors’ app for Apple Watch

Steve Rogerson
April 15, 2015
Online medical network Doximity has announced an app for the Apple Watch that provides an HIPAA-secure and hands-free way for doctors to communicate regarding patient care. The California-based company has more than half of all US doctors as members.
From a privacy perspective, email is the digital equivalent of a postcard – anyone can read it in transit. Accordingly, HIPAA laws forbid physicians from using email or text messaging to discuss patient issues. But the time it takes to send a fax or play pager or phone tag can be critical to a patient's health. So physicians are secure messaging on-the-go with Doximity's already-released encrypted, authenticated iPhone app.
In fact, more than 70 per cent of Doximity physician traffic comes from mobile devices, and 85 per cent of that is on Apple devices. Doximity gives physicians the ability to find and securely message instantly any doctor in the country from their iPhone and iPad, and soon, at the touch of their wrist.
“I can't imagine a more important reason to get information instantly, than when it relates to your patient's health," said Nate Gross, Doximity co-founder. "Apple Watch's impact on patient care could be tremendous, and it can save physicians precious time in a critical setting.”
On the Apple Watch app, doctors can send and receive messages, get notifications for faxes and manage their colleague invites. Specific features include the ability to read and respond to HIPAA secure messages. Doctors can read previews or full messages from other physicians at a glance and dictate responses, hands-free. For more detailed replies or to add secure medical images, the conversation seamlessly transfers to the iPhone, iPad or Mac.
Physicians are notified of new faxes received on their free personal fax number. To view the full fax, doctors can automatically use Handoff to handle the message on their iPhone. Doctors can also quickly view, accept or dismiss pending invitations to connect with other physicians, as well as see previews of who they may know to expand their network.
The Apple Watch app will be available to download on April 24, 2015, day one of the Apple Watch release.