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Russian digital clinic raises $5m round B financing

Steve Rogerson
June 20, 2017

Doc+, the largest funded digital health company in Russia developing a digital clinic without branches, has raised $5m in round B funding from existing investors the Yandex internet company and Baring Vostok venture fund.
The capital will be used to develop digital health services, as well as expand the core business of on-demand visits and telemedicine consultations.
Launched in 2015, Doc+ previously raised seed funding from business angels and $5.5m in round A investment from Yandex and Baring Vostok. Earlier this month, Russia's Yandex announced Yandex Health, a telemedicine service providing medical consultations online where Doc+ is an exclusive partner.
Doc+ provides on-demand doctor services in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, with another Russian city to follow in 2018. Users can book a visit via the call centre, the mobile app or the web site. The closest doctor available picks up the order and visits a patient at home. The services include consultations, prescriptions, sick notes, medical tests, ECG, referrals to MRI and other advanced diagnostics. It also offers personalised services such as digital health records and personal doctor subscriptions.
As well as connecting doctors and patients, it is a fully functioning clinic with applicable medical licences and staff. The company works with 300 qualified therapists (GPs), paediatricians, otolaryngologists, neurologists and nurses, and has a quality rate of 4.9 out of 5. Prices vary from 1200 to 3000 roubles per visit.
Additionally, Doc+ offers telemedicine consultations via chat, audio or video calls for Russian-speaking users. With the telemedicine legislation approved by the Russian government and awaiting the parliament's review, Doc+ aims to expand the range of services. The telemedicine services are priced at 100 roubles for the first and 499 roubles for a follow-up doctor-patient chat.
Although still in a test phase, dozens of consultations are provided daily; the number is expected to grow to hundreds by the end of 2017.
Founded in August 2015, Doc+ is the largest funded digital health company in Russia, top-twenty in Europe and top-35 worldwide, excluding the USA. It provides on-demand doctor visits and telemedicine consultations. The company is disrupting Russian private healthcare by building a digital clinic on a users’ smartphones.