Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

DMI and Information Builders produce asset tracking accelerator

Steve Rogerson
June 5, 2018
IT services company DMI is working with New York-based Information Builders to produce three pre-built IoT accelerators that provide pre-configured analytical capabilities for asset tracking, fleet management and predictive maintenance.
This will give organisations, such as fuel management company Veeder-Root, the ability to speed time-to-value for critical business initiatives.
"Throughout our rich history of manufacturing computing devices, we have continually helped our customers improve their products and processes by providing critical information when it's needed most,” said Erin Childress, director of software engineering at Veeder-Root. “The IoT accelerators from DMI and Information Builders improve the ease and speed at which we can integrate IoT data into our existing business models."
DMI provides connected services that bridge the gap between business and technology. The company brings together the design thinking of a digital agency with the lean-agile delivery of a modern IT services partner to deliver mobile-first services for the connected world.
A pioneer in connected cars, DMI has more than 15 years of experience leveraging real-time sensor data to support business models, customer experience and operational efficiencies. It has translated this proven expertise into the development of three pre-configured IoT accelerators, built on top of Information Builders' WebFocus building intelligence and analytics platform.
Information Builders provides organisations with the analytics capabilities they need to process structured and unstructured IoT data, and make them actionable. WebFocus is a scalable BI and analytics platform and has received industry recognition for its ability to manage high volumes of data without impacting processing speed – a characteristic critical to supporting investments in IoT and other emerging data sources.
The IoT accelerators are pre-configured for asset tracking, fleet management and predictive maintenance use cases:

  • Asset tracking: This accelerator provides organisations with real-time asset location and tracking, featuring the ability to define a geo-fence and receive custom notifications and alerts for better asset use.
  • Fleet management: Organisations can employ this offering to optimise fleet routes and condition-based maintenance to improve fuel economy, reduce unplanned stops and reduce accidents across their fleets.
  • Predictive maintenance: With this accelerator, organisations can predict maintenance in advance, detect anomalies and advise on the remaining useful life of an asset to reduce downtime, maintenance costs and improve efficiency
"Running IoT in production requires analytics and data management to be running at an incredible scale,” said Jay Sunny Bajaj, founder and CEO of DMI. “Together, with Information Builders' platform and our expertise in engineering IoT, we can deliver on these requirements to give businesses greater connectivity and insight into physical assets and operations while enabling the development of new digital product offerings and improving customer experiences."
Information Builders provides scalable software for data management and analytics. It helps organisations operationalise and monetise their data through insights that drive action. It integrated platform is for business intelligence, analytics, data integration and data quality.
"IoT is beginning to have a profound impact on the supply chain and logistics sector, but many organisations are grappling with the complexity of IoT technologies,” said Frank Vella, chief operating officer at Information Builders. “Information Builders and DMI are helping to alleviate that burden. The new IoT accelerators give executives, operations and front-line personnel the ability to immediately derive answers and analysis to critical questions that can transform supply-chain management and, ultimately, revolutionise their businesses."
Veeder-Root is a supplier of fuel management services. Its products include automatic tank gauges; probes and sensors; Red Jacket submersible pumps and pressurised line leak detectors; EMR meter registers; and stage two vapour recovery products. Its products and services are installed in more than 500,000 tanks globally and responsible for 22 billion gallons of petrol and diesel fuel annually.