Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Delta shows how IoT can save energy at AHR Expo

Steve Rogerson
January 23, 2019

Taiwanese power and thermal management company Delta unveiled, at last week’s AHR Expo in Atlanta, a portfolio of IoT-enabled energy-saving products that can enhance operating cost efficiency and tenant comfort in buildings.
The showcase, which included building automation systems from subsidiaries Delta Controls and Loytec, featured the Uno indoor environmental quality platform that facilitates seamless and strategic control to ensure a balance between indoor air quality, energy efficiency and comfort.
Delta Controls' O3 sensor hub is a complete sensor package that provides building automation systems with the data needed to make economical and occupant-friendly decisions. Loytec's LIOB-AIR20 area controller can enable VAV, lighting, sunblind and room control, which reduces overall system installation and integration costs.
"Expectations for commercial buildings are rapidly becoming more sophisticated," said MS Huang, president of Delta in the Americas. "Tenants want environments that can adapt to their preferences or be controlled from smart devices, as this is what they can now experience at home. Having the right building IoT infrastructure is and continues to be critical for meeting these changing expectations. With an industry-leading portfolio of integrated building control and automation, Delta is well-suited to help any facility become IoT-enabled."
Uno facilitates seamless and strategic control to ensure a balance between indoor air quality, energy efficiency and comfort. It creates a dynamic responding indoor environment for building occupants by integrating the Unosense IoT-architecture indoor quality sensor, the Unoac VRF air conditioning system, the Unoerv energy recovery ventilation system, and an integrated cloud based service that supports IoT protocols and applications such as Python, Node JS and PHP. This is suitable for fragmented multi-zones, such as schools and retail chains, where quick setup and scalable cloud services are required.
Unosense monitors indoor levels of CO2, TVOC, PM2.5, temperature, humidity, pressure and ambient light. The analysed data guide the operation of the Unoac to enhance comfortable indoor temperature levels without compromising energy efficiency. The Unoerv provides fresh outdoor air through a three-layer filter capable of blocking 99.9% of PM2.5 particles.
Among the building IoT and control technologies featured at the event were the Delta Controls' O3 family of products, including the programmable native BACnet O3 room controller, sensor hub and app for on-the-go control. With a top-down view from the centre of the room, the sensor hub detects motion, sound, light and temperature.
Using a complete sensor package, the O3 provides building automation systems with the data needed to make economical and occupant-friendly decisions. It eliminates visual clutter with its consolidated sensor array. With sensor fusion, the sensor hub detects occupancy, temperature and lighting using a variety of sources. It proactively makes adjustments to comfort before occupants even notice.
Loytec unveiled its LIOB-AIR20 area controller, which can provide VAV, lighting, sunblind and room control to reduce overall system installation and integration costs. Its IP-based building management platform, featuring compatibility with all open protocols commonly used in building control – BACnet, LonMark, KNX, Dali, Modbus, M-bus, EnOcean and so on – is an integral part of Delta's capabilities to enable building control across building sub-systems such as HVAC, lighting, energy generation, energy storage, EV charging and surveillance.
One of the highlights of Delta's industrial automation for the HVAC industry was the CP2000 fan and pump vector control drive, a versatile, and energy-saving sensor-less vector control drive for fan and pump applications. Available in 230, 480, 600 and 690V AC inputs and power rating from 1 to 840 HP, the CP2000 suits fans, pumps and HVAC applications.
In addition, the CP2000 has built-in Modbus and BACnet connectivity. This allows for integration with Delta's control technologies, such as the eZVFD, an Entilizone VFD controller module. This pairing reduces hardware and wiring, while enabling remote commissioning, adding on-board intelligence and allowing for off-site drive configuration.
Delta's EC fan and blower technology has been tested to meet extreme environmental conditions. Compared with traditional AC belt-driven systems, the technology is said to be longer lasting and uses 30 per cent less energy. Standard and customised fan and blower designs are available for a range of industries and applications including in-row cooling, air handing units, chillers and evaporative condensers.