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Digi and Qv21 combine to improve vehicle telematics

Steve Rogerson
January 7, 2015
Digi International and Qv21 Technologies have combined their systems to provide vehicle telematics for the oil, gas and waste hauling industries.

Qv21 has integrated its Logistics Framework Android-based handheld logistics software with Digi’s WVA wireless vehicle bus adapter. The WVA is a rugged and compact plug-in device providing easy access to telematics data via Wifi.

The WVA connects directly into the diagnostic port of semi-trucks or heavy equipment. The joint product is aimed at fleet owners and operators in the oil, gas and waste-hauling industries.

Vehicle data for critical telematics applications – remote vehicular data and load monitoring, driver logs, driver-performance analysis and vehicle maintenance – have traditionally involved expensive, proprietary on-board computers, cumbersome wiring and time-consuming and expensive installation. With WVA and Wifi communications and Qv21’s Android-based platform, fleet owners and operators can cut hardware and installation costs while improving data flow and increasing operational visibility and efficiency.

“The integration of our in-cab Android platform with the data stream provided on a vehicle bus creates a complete vehicle telematics solution for DoT-compliant, hands-free M2M communications,” said Huw Thomas, chief executive officer of Qv21 Technologies. “Speed, odometer readings, engine use and other vehicle-specific information are available in real time to dispatchers, fleet managers and other participants, adding another level of efficiency and compliance throughout the supply chain.”

The integrated offering enables regulatory-compliant electronic logging that leverages the vehicle data from Qv21’s electronic on-board recording module. Tyre pressure can also be monitored remotely, adding a greater degree of safety throughout a truck fleet. Numerous other features can be added to provide intelligent vehicle and load-sensing data in real-time. The result, said Thomas, was a smarter generation of commercial vehicle telematics systems with low cost and simple installation.

Timely, accurate data are central to understanding what is happening throughout the organisation, whether it’s a carrier, exploration and production firm, or terminal operator. The Qv21-Digi combination provides a streamlined system for data to flow directly from the vehicle to the transportation company back office in true M2M fashion. This should enable transportation managers to capitalise on opportunities and prevent problems while mitigating risks and lowering costs across the crude-oil supply chain.