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Digi LTE router suits industrial and smart city use

Steve Rogerson
February 7, 2019

IoT provider Digi has introduced the IX14, a secure industrial LTE router for utility, smart city and kiosk applications. For those seeking affordable, low bandwidth, single asset applications, the IX14 will include a one-year subscription to Digi Remote Manager to address infrastructure, industrial, retail and digital signage markets.
Scripting and customisable business logic via open-source Python 3.6 give the IX14 edge computing capabilities to execute operations at the device level, while Digi Remote Manager and Bluetooth capabilities enable quick, secure, reliable installations. In addition, both an Ethernet and serial port can link to a single IoT sensor, or connect to a network of sensors virtually anywhere, while dual SIM slots allow carrier flexibility and failover for reduced downtime.
The device contains an LTE modem capable of 3G fallback for North America, and a soon-to-be-released version will support 3G and 2G fallback for Europe. It has also been physically hardened to withstand extreme environmental conditions with MIL810G certification for shock, vibration and temperature, and an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance.
Digi Remote Manager is a security and device management platform that lets users remotely monitor, update and manage intelligent routers over LTE networks. With simplified set up and configuration, update automation, and device and network monitoring, it brings an increased ease of use and level of product and network understanding to IX14 users to protect critical assets.
“The next generation of industrial connectivity is not just about hardware, but also provides insights into operational efficiency and security,” said Scott Nelson, vice president at Minnesota-based Digi. “Whether an outdoor digital signage company, a financial services organisation with a distributed network of outdoor ATMs, or a utilities operator that needs data communication with remote scada sites, Digi IX14 provides outstanding connectivity along with in-depth device and network understanding through tight integration with Digi Remote Manager.”
The IX14 is the first product launched under Digi’s new router naming system: the IX series of routers caters to industrial uses while EX and TX products are for enterprise and transportation applications, respectively.