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Digi offers LTE-M and NB-IoT from one footprint

Steve Rogerson
August 14, 2018

Digi has introduced the XBee3 cellular LTE-M development kits featuring its latest smart cellular modem. This LTE-M certification is due to be followed by the certification of the XBee3 Cellular NB-IoT in October 2018.
This allows the Minnesota company to bring one of the first LPWAN, software-defined technology-agile modems capable of offering Cat-M or NB-IoT on a single, compact footprint. Designed to be user-configurable, developers can standardise and future-proof their IoT designs by simply changing modems and SIMs to leverage different wireless protocols without having to redesign hardware for different regions or applications.
Ushering in a more simplified way of testing designs and incorporating cellular connectivity into wireless products, the cellular LTE-M smart modem is integrated into the development kit via a 20-pin XBee socket, allowing for connectivity via millions of sockets already deployed around the globe. The module can also be easily configured and controlled from a centralised platform such as the firm’s remote manager.
Digi is an Amazon Web Services advanced technology partner in the AWS partner network, and the cellular LTE-M is a smart cellular modem supported by AWS IoT Core.
With built-in Digi TrustFence security, the module’s identity and data privacy features use more than 175 controls to protect against new and evolving cyber threats. It also provides the tools to secure connected devices, including data in motion with TLS 1.2 encryption and bi-directional authentication, required for AWS IoT connectivity.
Cellular LTE-M smart modem capabilities include:

  • FCC certified and carrier end-device certified;
  • Integrated MicroPython programmability;
  • Up to 180 days of free cellular service with development kits;
  • Coverage and building penetration;
  • Low power consumption for longer battery life;
  • Direct USB provides easy PPP integration option;
  • Enhanced with Digi TrustFence security framework;
  • Manage and configure with XCTU and Digi Remote Manager;
  • XBee transparent and API modes simplify design; and
  • Reduced hardware complexity with only one antenna needed.
Available for evaluation and testing, the kit includes one XBee3 Cellular LTE-M embedded modem, one XBee3 development board, one active SIM, up to six months of free cellular service, antennas and power supply, and Digi’s library of documentation and examples.  
“The LPWAN marketplace now has access to an FCC and carrier end-device certified cellular smart modem that provides true smart edge IoT capabilities,” said Digi’s chief product officer Scott Nelson. “In addition to LPWA network agility, our XBee3 modems have partitioned computing power for processing data at the network edge. The authentic XBee footprint and end-device certifications allow for easy connection to IoT networks around the globe and help ensure future-proof, region-proof designs on new wireless technologies as they emerge.”