Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Digi console access servers connect remote IT assets

Steve Rogerson
July 18, 2019

IoT connectivity firm Digi has announced its family of Connect IT serial consoles – the Connect IT Mini, IT 4, IT 16 and IT 48 infrastructure management products. They can connect remote IT devices in the data centre or connect customer premises equipment, such as routers, in a branch office with options from a single device to fully populated racks.
“The modern IT management landscape presents operators with complex and intersecting challenges,” said Scott Nelson, VP of product at Digi. “They’re contending with different generations of hardware from various vendors running on any number of operating systems, stagnant head count despite this increasingly complicated infrastructure, and continually increasing compliance requirements that require constant uptime in both centralised and small, highly distributed locations.”
The Connect IT family addresses these challenges directly with a scalable, equipment- and network-agnostic, console multi-port-based offering that allows for simple infrastructure management and continuous uptime regardless of physical hardware or network. In turn, staff can focus efforts on planning and improvement rather than reactive maintenance.
Not only is the Connect IT family set apart with the ability to select and customise consoles for specific user needs, but all purchases come with access to Digi Foundations. This hardware, software, services and support subscription package is designed to speed IoT projects and enable their sustained success.
The offering includes round-the-clock support, a limited lifetime warranty, access to essential application and software libraries, and device management with Digi’s DRM remote manager, a secure application to monitor and control distributed IoT devices. DRM for Connect IT products even allows users to manage the devices connected to Connect IT via a single pane of glass.
Connect IT Mini has a single serial port with Cat-M/NB-IoT connectivity. The other three offerings bring users four, 16 and 48 serial ports – as denoted by their names – and connectivity via Digi Core plug-in LTE modems. This allows users to select hardware with the proper number of ports for their use case and the right connectivity module – from Cat 1 to 6 – to match their bandwidth and regional requirements, all while making future connectivity protocol changes as simple as plugging in a new modem.
“We’ve created functionality that allows users to rapidly connect and manage assets,” said Ben Tucker, senior product manager at Digi. “You don’t just have the ability to see remotely the status of and update the Digi Connect IT, but you can monitor the devices that are connected to its ports, choose which one you want to connect to and directly manage those devices. Digi Foundations is a way to transform your network with device management software, expert support and lifecycle management.”
The Connect IT 4, IT 16 and IT 48 are fully available now with the Connect IT Mini scheduled for later this quarter.