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DHS acquires CrossChx healthcare software

Steve Rogerson
August 21, 2018
Texas-based Dynamic Health Strategies (DHS) has acquired Connect, a patient information network and suite of healthcare software and hardware products from Ohio firm CrossChx. It has renamed it SecurePass.
The DHS SecurePass app gives patients the ability to refer to their health data as needed and check into appointments via the SecurePass kiosk, biometric reader or web site, speeding up the registration process and eliminating the need to provide manual and repetitive information through paper forms.
"Any physician office, clinic or hospital can access patients' information from a DHS Group web site using the SecurePass app," said DHS Group CEO Jim Pritchett. “Whether registration is via kiosk, key-entry or biometric scanner, the patient's identity is protected and the process is quick and easy. With SecurePass, DHS Group elegantly links patients' key data with hospitals and healthcare providers. SecurePass generates high-quality and secure registration data by way of an affordable, easy-to-use and rapid process. Furthermore, SecurePass identifies duplicate medical records, helps protect against medical identity theft, transfers patient information between departments, sends appointment reminders and more."
For tighter connectivity and expanded offerings, hospitals can use SecurePass with employers who use DHS Group's HealthSpective platform, an employer wellness and benefits system. By linking with HealthSpective, health systems can find and attract employers and clients for direct contracting purposes.
The DHS SecurePass mobile app is available for free download in the Apple App and Google Play stores.