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Descartes buys Pixi for €9.2m

Steve Rogerson
May 3, 2016
Ontario-based logistics company Descartes Systems Group has acquired Pixi Software, a Germany-based provider of technology for e-commerce order fulfilment and warehouse management, for €9.2m.
For over ten years, Pixi has helped its customers automate e-commerce processes originating from online orders, and is integrated with hundreds of e-commerce sites in Europe. The company's customers include both small-to-medium sized businesses and larger retailers looking to enhance their online presence to meet the need for omni-channel deliveries.
Pixi's platform collects order information from an e-commerce web front, translates that into a scanner-driven pick-and-pack process within the warehouse, initiates the shipment to the customer, and synchronises all this information with the customer's financial system for invoicing and shipment tracking.
"E-commerce and related omni-channel delivery are evolving rapidly as consumer expectations change around how things are bought and delivered," said Ken Wood, executive vice president at Descartes. "Pixi helps its customers address the specific logistics pain points involved with this changing landscape, helping both SMB e-commerce players and traditional retailers manage the fulfilment of omni-channel orders. Pixi brings solutions that are very complementary to what we provide today. Specifically, when combined with our global logistics network and our e-commerce and ERP integration capabilities from our recent combination with Oz Development, Pixi allows us to present a highly differentiated offering for this segment of the market."
Pixi is headquartered in Munich, Germany. The purchase price for the acquisition was approximately €9.2m, which was paid in cash.
"We believe our customers are looking to us to integrate their e-commerce front-end, warehouse and shipping systems," said Edward Ryan, Descartes' CEO. “Consumers expect to be able to choose when they will receive their order, so our ability to bring different delivery methods and windows to the point of sale is a big differentiator. We're thrilled that Pixi is combining with Descartes to help us serve customers, and we welcome the Pixi employees, customers and partners to the Descartes community."