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Osteoarthritis smart glove starts clinical trials

Steve Rogerson
October 1, 2019

A digital health osteoarthritis wearable glove has started a pre-launch pilot trial in Madrid. Quantic Nanotech, a division of the Spanish Demac group, first showed the glove at CES in January in Las Vegas.
Called the QNano Glove, it can help patients suffering from hand osteoarthritis at home. It works on a HIPAA certified secure server in the AWS cloud.
The company has opened free treatment sign-up registration for a medical pre-launch pilot trial series for patients in selected hospitals in Madrid. This is open for any user until October 15th.
“This device attracted our attention because it allows home application in the affected hand of different therapies of evidence-based proven clinical efficacy, during rest or at night,” said LuisVilla, rheumatology consultant at University Hospital Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda in Madrid. "The treatment of hand osteoarthritis is cumbersome and resource consuming, relying on physical assisted therapy and topical and oral medications. We are interested in the results of the pilot studies, since a home-based device for multi-modal physical therapy could make it easier and cheaper for the treatment of patients with this frequent condition.”
The all-in-one glove integrates technologies such as shape memory alloys and materials for appliance of dry heat therapy, vibration and massage, as well as stretching and extension of the fingers, both active and passively. It also allows the administration of topical medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, liniments and neuromodulators.
The first conclusion papers of the clinical studies in patients with hand osteoarthritis are planned to be released late this year and early next year.
The therapeutic glove is simple and compact. It has been designed for use at home, controlled by smartphones or via the internet and it allows remote control by health professionals.
The product has won international awards at various shows including InPex in Pittsburgh, and recently it won a 2019 Technology Innovator Award from CV-Magazine.
Quantic Nanotech is closing its round A capital funding raise and is aiming for rapid worldwide implementation of the product under a patent licence model.
Rheumatism and osteoarthritis are very common and a major cause of sick leave worldwide, with US$304bn of total medical and earning losses in the USA alone, approximately equivalent to 1% of US GDP.
Quantic Nanotech will be showing the glove at next week’s Gitex exhibition in Dubai.