Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Denmark leads Europe in m-health adoption

Steve Rogerson
April 28, 2015
Denmark is the top performer of 25 EU countries in m-health adoption by doctors and patients, according to the preliminary results of a study. The results are based on the 2015 m-health app developer economics study, which is the largest m-health study conducted by Research2Guidance and HIMSS.
The study aims to uncover the current status and trends of the global m-health app market and for the first time it will also focus on m-health market readiness of EU countries. It aims to distinguish which countries are already well prepared for m-health app business, which countries are attractive for app developers and what are the main barriers for market entry.
There are six criteria being considered in evaluating the market readiness of a country:
1.  e-health adoption, for example patients and doctors usage of mobile and internet technology;
2.  level of digitalisation, such as compatible devices penetration and internet users;
3.  market potential – market size and health expenditures;
4.  ease of starting a business, including the time needed to start a business and taxes;
5.  m-health regulations, for example implementation of shared EHR and data protection laws; and
6.  developer index showing the most attractive countries for developers.
In the e-health adoption indicator, Denmark seems to be the most e-health friendly country followed by Finland and Spain. Those countries have in common a high level of digitalisation in doctor’s offices and have above average patient’s usage of mobile and internet technologies for searching health information and making doctor’s appointments online.
The top ten countries in order for e-health adoption are Denmark, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Estonia, Croatia, Portugal, Germany and France.
Preliminary results from the m-health app developer survey also provide interesting insights into m-health market readiness and attractiveness. The UK currently offers the best market conditions for the m-health app business. Germany was within the top three countries with the best conditions as well as with poor conditions.
The most important factor for favourable m-health market conditions is acceptance of apps by doctors. The main barriers for market entry are prohibitive laws and low level of digitalisation in doctor’s offices.
• IoT deployments in the healthcare segment will reach $117bn by 2020, with a CAGR of 15.1%, according to a report from Mind Commerce.