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Delta unveils energy efficiency range at Computex

Steve Rogerson
June 7, 2018

At this week’s Computex in Taipei, power and thermal management firm Delta unveiled a range of IoT-based smart green products capable of nurturing energy efficiency in cities.
Under a theme featuring a microgrid-supported electric vehicle (EV) charging station as well as shopping and leisure facilities on its stand, Delta demonstrated how its building automation products fulfil the needs of a comfortable environment, operation cost efficiency and sustainability through an automated full-service store.
Delta's microgrid integrates EV charging and energy storage technologies to tackle energy scarcity by optimising the usage between renewable energy, grid power and battery. The Delta V2H and V2G (vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid) EV charger lets EV drivers leverage the energy in their battery to power their home appliances or sell it back to the electricity grid. This was unveiled at the show.
"In line with Delta's corporate mandate, we continue challenging the frontiers of energy efficiency at product level, and through seamless integration of software and hardware, we expand our offerings to indoor-system and microgrid level energy management,” said Ping Cheng, Delta's chief executive officer. “By leveraging our core competence in high-efficiency power electronics with industry domain knowledge and collaboration with ecosystems, Delta is able to provide IoT-based solutions for its customers at its five strategic markets of industrial automation, building automation, ICT infrastructure, energy infrastructure and electric vehicles."
At the Taiwan tradeshow, under the automated full-service store scenario, IoT-based smart building automation integrated building management and control, LED lighting, surveillance, and energy management platforms developed by Delta and its subsidiaries Loytec, Delta Controls and Vivotek to provide sustainability, convenience, health and comfort.
For example, Delta's Uno indoor environmental quality service integrates indoor sensors, commercial heat exchangers, air purifier equipment and modular air conditioning units to monitor in real time levels of critical environmental factors in buildings, and purifies the indoor air in case hazardous substances such as PM2.5 and TVOC threaten occupants.
The microgrid-supported EV charging station on the stand included Delta's V2H and V2G EV charger, which is capable of bi-directional power transfer between the EV battery, home appliances and the electricity grid. The microgrid is created through the Taiwan firm's power conditioning system and the containerised battery energy storage system, both already supporting a 4.6MW power plant in Ako, Japan, and Taiwan Power's research centre in Shulin, New Taipei City.
"At Computex, we demonstrate how Delta is capable of fostering sustainable cities by developing innovative solutions that satisfy future energy demand,” said Shan-Shan Guo, Delta's chief brand officer. “Thus, we are presenting an EV charging station complex that features a microgrid to offer optimal energy balance and management. Delta's booth also underscores energy education through visualisation platforms that display various scenarios in microgrid operations."
Delta's products for building automation, which also include technologies developed by its subsidiaries Loytec and Delta Controls, are compatible with open protocols used in building control, such as BacNet, Dali, KNX, Modbus, EnOcean, OPC and LonMark, to enable smart and eco-friendly HVAC, lighting, elevators, surveillance equipment and more. 
Delta's subsidiary Vivotek provides 360-degree fisheye cameras and 3D people counting cameras supported by H.265 compressing and image identification technologies to offer safety conditions especially in shopping facilities. Furthermore, by integrating with building management and control systems, employee access and behaviour management can be achieved in buildings.
Delta offers smart lighting systems with tunable white lighting, which is one of the latest trends in the lighting market as it enables a comfortable and healthy environment to building users. Its IoT communications modules can also provide value-added services such as indoor positioning and product promotion. The company's Astra series ultra-wide wall washer LED luminaires are said to illuminate areas three times wider and with better energy savings than traditional products. In addition, Delta's smart streetlights with connectivity capability were also demonstrated on the stand.
Uno is for commercial buildings, offices, schools and public areas of residential buildings to comply with increasingly strict indoor air quality regulations. It integrates IoT and cloud technologies with modulation air conditioning equipment to enable a healthy, comfortable, eco-friendly and cost-efficient real-time dynamic building operations without additional automation hardware and software.
The Delta Energy Online system offers monitoring and management of energy consumption and generation in buildings with key performance indicators and analytics, such as the EnPI energy performance index that provides clarity to building managers of the areas where further energy conservation strategies are worthwhile.
The power conditioning system is the backbone of a microgrid as it provides bi-directional power transfer between the battery energy storage system, the electricity grid and other energy sources. The system also has a system controller to facilitate optimal energy management as well as power quality.
Containerised energy storage leverages Delta's lithium-ion battery technology, originally developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and integrates its own power and thermal management for energy efficiency and reliability. The containerised storage provides MWh-level large-scale yet modular energy storage to enhance and smoothen the balance between the electricity grid and renewable energy sources.
The V2H and V2G EV charger lets EV drivers power their home appliances with the energy stored in their EV or even sell it back to the electricity grid. This charger provides power configurations between 6kW and 22kW, up to 97% energy conversion efficiency between a solar PV system and the EV battery as well as IP55-rated ingress protection. Delta's showcase also presented other fast DC EV chargers to support the on-site BMW i3.
The Delta PV inverter M30A with up to 30kW capacity for commercial applications was presented as well. This PV inverter boasts energy efficiency up to 98.5% and is suitable for rooftop and ground-mounted PV systems.
Innergie, a brand of Delta, exhibited its PowerGear 60C adapter. The 60W USB-C device has five output power options to charge a range of consumer electronics.
Delta also brought to the show its family of wireless collaboration systems to boost the productivity of teamwork in meeting rooms and classrooms. These include the NovoEnterprise, NovoPro, NovoCast and NovoTouch.