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Deloitte real-time predictive supply chain analytics

William Payne
November 11, 2016

Deloitte has unveiled a suite of analytics solutions designed to deliver supply chain transformation through real-time predictive analytics. The company says the new suite of software is designed to create "smarter, customer-demand-driven supply chains connected at every step — providing clients with an insight driven advantage". 

The analytics solutions are part of Deloitte's Supply Chain Insight Platform, which consists of a suite of over 30 solutions that address issues such as cost reduction, service level, risk, safety, product quality, flow and sustainability. 

Deloitte's new suite of supply chain analytics solutions is designed to derive actionable insights from the data generated throughout the supply chain.  This includes uncovering and addressing root causes of inventory problems, predicting asset failure, assessing viability and risks associated with location sourcing and supplier trends, and streamlining warranty and claims management to minimise fraud and reduce costs. 

"Deloitte provides a unique, integrated experience for clients that brings together our services and advanced analytics assets with a deep understanding of the industry that goes beyond enabling insights, to delivering outcomes," says Paul Roma, principal and chief analytics officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

"Supply chain complexity is being compounded today by increasing volumes and variety of data, the impact of the Internet of Things, and many other factors," said Sam Pearson, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and supply chain analytics leader. "Our analytics solutions' predictive and visual capabilities provide another set of 'eyes' to monitor the supply chain process. They can also anticipate problems before they occur, and serve up the insights needed to help ensure supply chain managers have a more adaptive supply chain for improved outcomes."

According to Deloitte, a leading global consumer products company has leveraged the company's Supply Chain Insight Platform to understand the feasibility and implications of building a new supplier ecosystem. With the solution, the company evaluated the feasibility of developing new supplier relationships using proprietary data inputs to provide rapid insights on cost and risk implications to enable smarter sourcing decisions for improved outcomes.