Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Dell opens APAC IoT lab with logistics focus

William Payne
January 20, 2016
Dell has launched its first dedicated Internet of Things lab in the Asia Pacific region in Singapore. Opened in conjunction with Intel, the lab will be the focus for development of IoT related technologies throughout the Asia, Pacific and Japan areas. The choice of Singapore as the base for its regional IoT development hub means that both smart city and logistics related technologies are likely to be at the forefront of initial developments by the lab.

Joining two other global labs in California and Limerick, Ireland, the Singapore facility will feature Dell and Intel IoT solutions with end-to-end platform facilities allowing customers to test the products and consult with Dell technical experts.

Building on Dell’s and Intel’s strategy to support customers in their IoT projects, this facility will focus on enabling intelligent devices and gateways, speeding up the connection of legacy systems to the cloud and enabling end-to-end analytics to turn big data into actionable information. It will allow customers to build, modify and architect new IoT solutions on active bench space within the lab and have access to Dell technical experts, while capitalizing on Dell’s ability to span edge to the datacenter. Other partners within the IoT ecosystem, from developers to independent software vendors (ISVs) will also be able to benefit from the lab by having a working space to innovate using Dell and Intel IoT solutions.

Singapore has made the development of Internet of Things technologies a cornerstone of the state's plans for developing both social and economic infrastructure. In particular, Singapore has set out two strategic visions for embodying IoT technologies into the national infrastructure, including the country's smart nation infrastructure, and the deployment of IoT in logistics.

Singapore is the world's second largest port, and the world's busiest transshipment port. It trans-ships  a fifth of the world's shipping containers, and half of the world's supply of crude oil.

The port of Singapore is critical to the survival of the city state, as it is the country's only connection to natural resources. The development of greater efficiency in logistics within Singapore would have a sizeable impact on economic activity and social wellbeing throughout the city.

"With a strong connectivity infrastructure and the government’s vision to create a Smart Nation, Singapore is the ideal choice for the location of our first IoT lab in the region," said Glen Burrows, Area Vice President, Dell OEM, Asia Pacific and Japan. "The IoT lab in partnership with Intel is part of our commitment to help enterprises realize the potential of IoT to enable future-ready enterprises and societies."

"IoT has enormous potential to drive economic value and social change, but no company can do it alone. A robust ecosystem is needed to scale. The collaboration with Dell to establish the IoT Lab is a key milestone in realizing our shared vision of IoT," said Prakash Mallya, managing director for Intel Southeast Asia. "Based on Intel’s IoT Platform, the lab systems will be able to provide a solid blueprint for delivering innovations to market faster by reducing complexity and defining how smart devices will securely connect and share trusted data to the cloud. Together with Dell, we are looking to work with stakeholders from across the IoT field to ensure its success."

In-line with Dell’s strategy to improve its offerings in the IoT space, Dell announced the formation of a division focused on bringing together enterprise end-to-end IoT solutions that span hardware, software and services in May 2015. The subsequent efforts including launching IoT Labs, are streamlining the company’s focus on enabling enterprise customers with gateways, data center solutions and analytics services built on Dell’s bedrock of global availability, industry leading support and trusted security options.