Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Delta previews smart grid modules at Distributech in South Africa

Steve Rogerson
July 28, 2015
Delta Energy & Communications, a California-based smart grid energy systems provider, previewed its iAMI intelligent advanced metering infrastructure and iTM intelligent transformer modules at Distributech in Johannesburg this month.
The additions complete Delta’s DSGN smart grid network, which also include its flagship product, theiDAP intelligent distribution analytics platform. Each part can be used separately or can be combinedtohelp electric, water and gas utilities ensure the parsing and simplification of big data associated with load, voltage and power quality events.
Sub-Saharan Africa’s electricity sector is expected to need $835bn in capital investments by 2040 to meet the continent’s increasing demand for electricity. And some of the most promising methods for developing regions, such as sub-Saharan Africa, are those that work with the cloud. Products such as the DSGN are said to be more affordable and simpler to integrate in old and new infrastructures.
“Most utilities in sub-Saharan Africa are working on decades old infrastructures,” said Scott Foster, CEO of Delta Energy & Communications. “The cloud and solutions that leverage it, like the DSGN, make it possible for them to unlock a wealth of information that can lower operational costs and maximise investments in the region – all with low initial implementation costs.”
With the system, utilities can organise the unstructured data flowing through their networks, so they can turn asset performance ambiguity into efficiency enhancement, predictive cost forecasting and enhanced revenue obtainment.
The iAMI is a 2.4GHz architecture that can increase meter reading efficiency, improve revenue cycle process and enhance revenue management and customer service effectiveness. Being meter agnostic, its universal design is installable across meter brands so it can be supportive of a utility’s preferred meter supplier and can be deployed across large or small geographical areas.
The iTMis a retrofit transformer module that delivers real-time transformer monitoring. Its data capture and communications make it a single sensor source that can eliminate costly transformer testing. The module is easy to install on common transformer designs and fits pole, pad mount and vault transformers, while its robust, human factors centric enclosure and packaging ensures years of operational service in harsh environments.
The iDAPis big data simplification software that delivers a single source analytics tool for decreasing system costs, increasing operational efficiency and enhancing utility revenue. Its graphical user interface has prediction and identification capabilities and provides actionable and innovative GUI representations.
Delta’s SaaS-based systems provide insight into the distribution system by correlating, analysing and visualising varied, multi-system data sources on one map of the utility’s network. By delivering operational efficiency and reliability for all of a utility’s assets, Delta says it can help them realise the potential of the smart grid, driving growth and revenue.