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Ohio utility to invest $576m in grid modernisation

Steve Rogerson
January 8, 2019
Ohio utility Dayton Power & Light (DP&L) plans to invest $576m in capital projects over the next decade to provide direct customer benefits through a robust, efficient electric grid.
The initiatives will also allow DP&L to be ready to integrate electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and distributed energy resources (DERs) into its grid, including demonstrations of community solar, energy storage and microgrids.
DP&L is a subsidiary of AES and filed its plans with the Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO). The filing is aligned to the Power Forward Roadmap issued by the PUCO earlier this year.
“DP&L’s distribution modernisation plan is responsive to the principles and objectives outlined in the Power Forward Roadmap,” said Lisa Krueger, president of the US strategic business unit responsible for AES’s US utilities. “The plan’s submission is our opportunity to explain the details of our proposal, which will deliver significant value to our customers. DP&L is proud of its long history in this community and our modernisation plan will transform the electric grid into a system that uses information and communications technologies to allow our customers to experience personalised, innovative and seamless energy services.”
Upon PUCO approval, DP&L will begin its digital transformation with the addition of advanced metering infrastructure, which will improve overall customer experience through better system reliability, performance and communications. After PUCO approval, DP&L will put in place the required infrastructure to support smart meters and install approximately 100,000 meters annually until all customers have one.
Investments will also create a self-healing grid allowing DP&L to isolate problems automatically and re-route power around the problem often without noticeable interruption of service.
The plan also includes engagement components to improve customer experience through mobile applications, pre-pay options and time-of-use rates. The plan creates a grid platform that will enable innovations accommodating services for customers.
If approved by the PUCO, DP&L’s typical retail customer, using 1000kWh, on SSO service, will see an initial bill increase of $1.99 per month.