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Dacoso and 6Wind partner on IoT and edge services

Steve Rogerson
November 26, 2019

French networking software company 6Wind is working with Dacoso, an IT service provider based in Germany, to deliver IoT and edge cloud services across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
The partnership combines 6Wind's Turbo IPsec virtual routers (v-routers) with Dacoso's management, orchestration and integration expertise.
6Wind and Dacoso have been using virtualisation to help users realise the flexibility of software on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) servers for over a decade. The combination of 6Wind v-routers and Dacoso integration brings a level of performance previously unavailable for secure connectivity in virtual machine (VM) deployments within VMware ESXi and Linux KVM environments.
Initial deployments include secure IoT and edge cloud services on COTS-based uCPE devices for carrier users.
"6Wind's v-routers give us the virtual networking foundation required to build scalable, automated IoT and edge cloud in virtual machines," said Karsten Geise, head of product management for Dacoso. "We look forward to working with 6Wind to bring the promise of high performance software networking to our customers."
The v-routers deliver the virtual networking foundation for Dacoso with the following:

  • Scalable IPsec v-router performance for VPN concentration and VMs: 6Wind Turbo IPsec meets Dacoso's software performance requirement to run as a VM at 10Gbit/s and beyond, according to the number of cores deployed in the system. Deployments leverage 6Wind's v-router as a VPN concentrator to provide secure connectivity between management and orchestration (MANO) and uCPE devices, as well as aggregation for cloud-based services, including video, from hundreds of spokes.
  • IPv6 migration: The v-routers provide IPv4 over IPv6 tunnels from LAN to WAN per endpoint to assist with IPv6 migration. Multiple IPv4 services can be automatically transported on an IPv6 network within secure VPN tunnels.
  • CLI and Netconf/Yang management: 6Wind's CLI and Netconf/Yang-based management engine offers APIs for integration with Dacoso's MANO and its end users' existing management frameworks. Deployments of new spokes and their configuration can be completely automated.
  • Monitoring: Yang-based key performance indicators can be integrated to a time-series database and analytics dashboard such as InfluxDB and Grafana. SFlow can be used to sample data plane traffic and send it to a collector for detailed analysis.
"Dacoso is a leading innovator in delivering virtualised networking to its customers," said Eric Carmès, founder and CEO of 6Wind. "We look forward to integrating 6Wind's high performance v-router into Dacoso's IoT and edge cloud with continued expansion into new markets together."
6Wind's networking software solves performance and time-to-market problems for service providers, enterprises and OEMs. The company's flagship v-router technology is available in software appliance, source code and hypervisor networking form factors optimised for cost-effective hardware, such as COTS servers. The company is based near Paris, France, with regional offices in China and the USA.
Dacoso is an owner-managed company headquartered in Langen, Frankfurt, with a further 11 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Banks and insurers, public utilities, trade and industry, public authorities, and IT providers and carriers count among its customers.