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CSI portable health system saves readmission costs

Steve Rogerson
July 1, 2015
Privately owned telehealth, telemedicine and medical kiosk manufacturer Computerized Screening (CSI) has released its 9KP fully portable telemedicine health system to address the US Federal Readmissions Penalty by Medinecare for over 2600 hospitals. Medicare costs amount to $26bn per year and of that total officials estimate $17bn is spent on readmissions that could have been avoided.
Nevada-based CSI believes that by expanding the continuum of care to a patient's home using the portable system, healthcare providers can ensure compliance, continuity and quality care, while helping to reduce occurrence and cost of readmission penalties.
"The CSI readmissions programme offers the ability to reduce potentially avoidable occurrences by 12 per cent, saving Medicare over $1bn annually," said Charles Bluth, CEO of CSI. “Low-income patients often have a harder time adhering to their post-hospital instructions, and research indicates this population does not have the financial resources in many cases to afford the cost of transportation to a doctor's office or hospital for follow up.”
CSI has been at the forefront of telemedicine and telehealth since 2000 when it was awarded its patents and since then has been instrumental in developing health systems equipment and components as new technology emerges.It has been manufacturing medical kiosks in the USA since 1978 that provide ease-of-use access to self-administered health and fitness testing with access through telehealth to health monitoring, assessment tools, early symptom detection and information for disease prevention.
The telehealth systems can let users establish a personal health record with storage and retrieval of health information and progress over time for personal analysis and discussion with a physician.