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Cryoport introduces cryogenic logistics solution for reproductive health market

William Payne
March 16, 2017

Life sciences industry logistics specialist Cryoport has launched a cryogenic service dedicated to the reproductive health market. CryoStork Next Flight Out is designed to be a fast, reliable service for reproductive health patients, providing express transportation across the United States and the world for reproductive health commodities such as sperm, eggs, embryos and reproductive tissues.

Cryoport's qualified and secure next flight out cryogenic logistics solution is designed to benefit reproductive health patients, such as those undergoing in vitro fertilization treatments, other forms of assisted reproductive technology or simply needing to move their valuable assets.

CryoStork is intended to supply a growing demand for efficient and dependable logistics services for the reproductive health market.

Cryoport, which currently supports over 400 fertility clinics in the U.S. and other countries, combines end-to-end cold chain logistics solution with cryogenic logistics technology and a logistics management platform. 

Cryoport Express Dry Shippers use liquid nitrogen in dry vapor form to keep reproductive commodities at cryogenic conditions; Cryoport's technology eliminates temperature excursions and risk of embryo, sperm, or egg degradation. 

Cryoport provides clinics with documented Chain- of-Condition and Chain-of-Custody data through its proprietary SmartPak II™ Condition Monitoring system, which provides tracking and monitoring shipments in real time.

Jerrell Shelton, Chief Executive Officer of Cryoport, commented, "Handling irreplaceable biological commodities, such as embryos, eggs and sperm, requires reproductive health clinics and patients to put their utmost trust in Cryoport to provide the most advanced technology available today for reliability. Clients choose Cryoport because our Cryoport Express Solutions, which allow our client care team to track and monitor not just the progression of the shipments, but also the condition of the shippers at every stage of the journey. We have launched the CryoStorkSM Next Flight Out service to provide an even more efficient and streamlined logistics solution which our clients can trust to safely and securely deliver their irreplaceable biological shipments in a timely manner. With many couples struggling with infertility and approximately 6.7 million women in the U.S. unable to have a child per the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), we are proud to provide the CryoStorkSM Next Flight Out solution in support of the reproductive health market. We expect increasing clinic adoption of our services, which will, of course, continue to drive growth."