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Cryoport applies smart cold chain to malaria vaccine

Steve Rogerson
June 20, 2017

California-based cryogenic logistics company Cryoport is helping Sanaria in the design and implementation of a cryogenic cold chain for investigational malaria vaccines. This will include the SmartPak II monitoring system for managing in real time the distribution logistics and environmental conditions.
Cryoport's expertise in cryogenic logistics will be applied to distribution models for Sanaria’s PfSPZ vaccine for travel clinics and the US military. This work will assist in the implementation of phase three clinical trials of the vaccine and the development of cryogenic logistics distribution in support of the anticipated commercial launch.
This work is supported by grants to Sanaria from the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and US Department of Defense (DoD).
Initially, vaccine distribution will be aimed at filling the needs of the US DoD, state department and peace corps, travel medicine companies, and extraction industries. The designs will incorporate distribution models enabling just-in-time delivery by providing logistics support incorporating novel packaging designs, inventory management and liquid nitrogen replenishment, and will test transport to specific clinics.
The SmartPak II works alongside Cryoport's Cryoportal software to provide logistics monitoring, including GPS tracking, which locates dry shippers and payloads and proactively tracks potential adverse events that may occur due to weather, logistics handling or other delays.
"We are thrilled to have been selected to develop models for the distribution of Sanaria's ground-breaking malaria vaccine as part of these two projects,” said Jerrell Shelton, chief executive officer of Cryoport. “This selection, we believe, is a testament to the quality and reliability of our cryogenic logistics. We are proud to support Sanaria's work developing and eventually bringing to market a vaccine to prevent malaria."
Sanaria's malaria vaccines have achieved more than 90 per cent protection in multiple clinical trials to date. Current clinical studies aim to finalise the regimen – dose strength, number of doses and interval between doses – for the traveller's indication. Future phase three clinical trials are intended to lead to licensure of the vaccine for prevention of malaria in travellers and subsequently for use in mass vaccination programmes in the countries most affected by malaria.
"Cryoport's expertise in cryogenic logistics management, track record and reputation were important in helping to secure funding from the US DoD, NIAID and NIH,” said Stephen Hoffman, chief executive officer of Sanaria. “Cryoport has reliably supported our research efforts over the past five years and they were the natural partner for these new projects."
Sanaria is a socially focused, for-profit company founded in 2003. The company's mission is to develop and commercialise whole-parasite malaria vaccines that confer high-level, long-lasting protection against malaria. Its corporate headquarters, administrative, research, development and manufacturing operations are in Rockville, Maryland.