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Cryoport launches condition monitor for biological commodities

Steve Rogerson
June 30, 2016
Californian cryogenic logistics company Cryoport has launched a condition monitoring system configured to provide end-to-end visibility on the real-time condition and location of critical biological commodities.
The SmartPak II measures environmental variables and works with the company's Cryoportal logistics management platform to provide comprehensive and seamless monitoring of commodity conditions and Cryoport Express shipper performance.
"Our SmartPak II condition monitoring system is one of Cryoport's latest technology innovations,” said Jerrell Shelton, CEO of Cryoport. “It is a system which includes much more than traditional data logging; it is a leap forward from anything that is in the market today. We expect it to have a significant impact on cold-chain logistics for the life sciences industry as it is so comprehensive.”
The cloud based Cryoportal retains all the critical data analytics generated by the SmartPak II, including chain-of-condition and chain-of-custody. Its seamless integration with the Cryoportal provides real-time intervention capabilities. Automated email alerts are sent to stakeholders for any incident of excursion or deviation.
The ground breaking research in cancer immunotherapies and regenerative medicine now dictate strict temperature and timeline compliance for all biologic materials transported around the globe. The SmartPak II is an integrated monitoring and communications systems that tracks the key aspects of each shipment that could affect the quality and/or timing of delivery of the commodity. This includes real-time tracking using GPS, cellular technology and wifi triangulation, which assures communications even in signal-impaired environments.
Some variables measured include internal and external temperatures, pressure, humidity, shock and orientation of the shipper. Additionally, the system provides the ability to correlate transit related events to the impact on sample integrity, providing insight on crucial logistics planning and equipment performance.
“SmartPak II provides clients with a consistent, real-time data stream of crucial information and unparalleled visibility on the condition and status of their commodities through out the logistics process,” said Shelton. “Made possible through our advanced, integrated technologies, Cryoport can detect and provide information to circumvent unforeseen circumstances that could and do occur during the logistics process.”
As an example of its value, during its beta phase, the condition monitoring system benefited a client by having a shipment saved during transit. In this instance, it notified the care team of an orientation issue during a critical shipment from the USA to the Netherlands. Due to the alert sent, Cryoport logistics management was able to intervene and ensure the materials arrived safely for the scheduled patient procedure.
“By offering real-time visibility of Cryoport Express shippers and the ability to communicate with the shippers, Cryoport is redefining effectiveness for quality control and regulatory compliance supporting new immunotherapies and regenerative medicine, in general,” said Shelton. "Our leading cold-chain logistics for the life sciences have become essential tools for the logistics of temperature sensitive commodities. To our knowledge, we are unmatched in the science, technology and engineering behind our services. We are committed to continuous improvement in our capabilities and to supplying solutions that the global life sciences market is demanding." 
SmartPak II will be fully available to Cryoport's customers from September 2016.