Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Software player DataArt launches IoT practice

Iain Morris
October 9, 2014
Software player DataArt has launched a new M2M and IoT consulting practice to meet growing demand for these services in the marketplace.

The company, which develops solutions for industries including financial services, healthcare and hospitality, says the new practice group will be dedicated to helping clients eager to experiment with IoT in a variety of industries.

It also cites research predicting the IoT market will grow in value from $1.9 trillion this year to an estimated $7.1 trillion by 2020.

DataArt (New York City, NY, USA) already claims to have years of experience in related disciplines – including embedded software, electrical engineering, prototyping, cloud platforms, web and mobile development and API design – and aims to build on this in developing IoT and M2M concepts.

It says that one of the key solutions at the cornerstone of its new consulting practice will be its signature open source M2M framework – DeviceHive – which allows clients to focusing on product creation without having to invest time in device communications and management.

DataArt believes that could be a key differentiator for companies looking to have their products on the market ahead of competitors.

It has alos flagged a new strategic partnership agreement with, a data services exchange for connected device platforms.

“The establishment of a dedicated M2M/IoT practice at DataArt is a testament to our unique position to offer customers a full suite of services that will aid them in putting M2M products and innovations to market at a faster rate than is currently possible,” said Artyom Astafurov, the M2M/IoT practice leader at DataArt and co-inventor of DeviceHive.

“In a sense, our new practice and the solutions it offers will markedly help accelerate the growth of the Internet of Things,” added Astafurov.
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