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Kit Check unveils monitoring product for hospital pharmacy kits

Iain Morris
October 8, 2014
Medication tracking player Kit Check has launched a new monitoring product designed to improve the safety of hospital pharmacy kits.

The RFID Seal Tags product has been developed in collaboration with packaging and distribution specialist Health Care Logistics (Circleville, OH, USA) and is designed to visually indicate the status of pharmacy kits.

When tags affixed to restocked kits are used as seals and remain unbroken, says Kit Check (Washington, DC, USA), healthcare professionals know the kit is fully stocked and ready for use.

After they have been used, many hospitals use a second seal tag of a different color to indicate the kit is used and ready for restocking, while broken tags indicate the kit has been tampered with and must be returned to the pharmacy for inspection.

Kit Check’s seals include RFID technology that is able to read tags and associate them by serial number with the appropriate kit – eliminating today’s practice of manually recording seal serial numbers for each kit and also creating a detailed audit trail for inspectors.

“Kit Check has developed solutions and an ecosystem of partners to solve the daily problems and inefficiencies facing hospital pharmacy directors,” said Kevin MacDonald, the co-founder and chief executive of Kit Check. “Pharmacy kit seals represent another manual recording task that slows drug-dispensing processes and introduces the risk of human error.”

“The seals are required by many hospitals and some states as a best practice for ensuring patient safety,” he added. “Our announcement today with Health Care Logistics is an example of a partnership that provides additional value to pharmacists by automating manual pharmacy processes.”

Health Care Logistics says a growing number of its customers are now using Kit Check software – a cloud-based solution – but have been interested in automating processes involved with serialization of kit seals.

“Now they have it,” said Kyle Sharpe, executive director of sales for Health Care Logistics. “By partnering with Kit Check, we are offering our customers the first RFID enabled kit seal that automates tracking of the complete end-to-end process.”
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