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Pebble smartwatch maker moves into health and fitness

Iain Morris
October 8, 2014
Pebble Technology has announced a move into the health and fitness market with the release of a new software update that is supposed to support “non-stop activity tracking” as well as sleep monitoring.

The smartwatch maker says the update will allow Pebble (Palo Alto, CA, USA) users to display their favorite watch face while tracking their activity in the background.

Pebble has also said that it is working with a range of market-leading partners to develop an ecosystem of health services for users of the device, including Misfit (Burlingame, CA, USA), Jawbone (San Francisco, CA, USA) and (San Jose, CA, USA).

The company unveiled its Pebble Steel smartwatch in January and claims the device has been a resounding success since then.

Its app store now offers a total of 4,000 apps, according to the company, and these have been downloaded a total of five million times.

Pebble also says it has attracted more than 18,000 developers, including Mercedes-Benz (Stuttgart, Germany), Pandora (Oakland, CA, USA), the Weather Channel (Atlanta, GA, USA) and ESPN (Bristol, CT, USA).

The Misfit health app has now been updated to support both activity tracking and sleep monitoring, while Jawbone is said to be launching its own activity tracking watchface for Pebble called UP, which will provide details of daily and weekly activity progress.

Another app in the health and fitness area is from, which has come up with a service that lets users measure distance, pace, times, strokes and efficiency while swimming with their Pebble.

Pebble is available through a range of retail outlets in the US and the company plans to start rolling out its watches in the UK this month.

It is also to start offering its products in the Benelux countries and Scandinavia in October.

The company is certain to face tough competition in the health and fitness area from technology giants including Apple (Cupertino, CA, USA), Google (Mountain View, CA, USA) and Samsung (Seoul, South Korea), all of which are trying to play a pivotal role in the emerging Internet of Things market.
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