Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Saia sees logistics benefits in AT&T's M2M technology

Iain Morris
October 8, 2014

Trucking and logistics company Saia LTL Freight is using M2M technology and network services from AT&T to simplify its work processes and reduce costs.

Using a range of products from the operator, Saia (Johns Creek, GA, USA) has been able to make improvements to the way it manages its fleet of trucks – both in the terminal and out in the field.

Saia drivers have been using handheld computers to connect with dispatch managers and fleet operations, while AT&T (Dallas, TX, USA) is embedding connectivity in a black box solution that lets trucks provide near real-time updates on fuel consumption and driver and engine performance.

Thanks to these features – and its ability to monitor maintenance, safety, dispatch and vehicle location – Saia claims to have seen a significant reduction in operational costs.

“We transport goods for the retail, chemical and manufacturing industries throughout a 34-state network,” said Mark Robinson, chief information officer of Saia LTL Freight. “AT&T gives our drivers and dispatch managers the on-the-go tools needed to be more efficient, at the office or on the road.”

“We can better serve our customers and keep a competitive edge for many years to come,” he added.

Saia says it is also using the AT&T technology to provide customers with near real-time updates on their shipments while in transit.

Company vehicles are using the M2M capability to track the location of deliveries and help ensure that orders arrive on time.

“Businesses are shifting to an environment where people, processes and assets are always connected,” said Mike Troiano, the vice president of advanced mobility solutions for AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions “We provide companies with mobility solutions that streamline communication across the board and help deliver the best possible customer experience.”

Saia is also using Wi-Fi technology to better manage its terminals.

The technology has allowed it to keep track of freight at various locations, helping dockworkers and quality assurance managers to verify the classification of freight moving through Saia’s 147 terminals nationwide.
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