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Hirschmann launches module for global container tracking

Iain Morris
October 8, 2014

German asset-tracking specialist Hirschmann Solutions has unveiled a new container and trailer-tracking module that can provide customers with details of movement, temperature and vibration, as well as location data.

The module has been designed to monitor goods that are being transported regionally and worldwide, said the company.

Hirschman says it is ready for series production and can be used when transporting goods in containers and on trailers, chassis and trains.

Users can easily mount the device securely by, for instance, installing it in a steel groove in a container door – keeping installation time to an absolute minimum, according to Hirschmann (Neckartenzlingen, Germany).

The device also comes with an integrated safety sensor that will protect it from tampering and theft.

As soon as someone tries to remove the tracking module, it will immediately emit an alarm.

The same thing will happen if the container door is opened without permission during transportation.

The robust design makes the hardware suitable for use in extremely harsh environments, adds Hirschmann, in a temperature range of minus 40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius.

Moreover, the use of what the company describes as a sustainable power management system means the battery will last for up to 15 years.

Data gathered by the module can be sent over 2G and 3G networks, and then made available to freight carriers, shipping companies or forwarding agents, but Hirschmann is planning to make the module compatible with 4G networks in the near future.

Hirschmann says that upgrades to software and firmware can be carried out remotely using over-the-air programming.

“With our new asset tracking technology, we can offer logistics companies, network providers, and solution providers sustainable and powerful modules for the monitoring of valuable cargo,” explains Laurie Burns, head of the solutions business unit at Hirschmann Car Communication. “All solutions are based on a platform concept, meaning that tailor-made modules can be developed for our customers depending on how they are going to be used.”

Hirschmann now claims to have provided tracking technology used in more than 250,000 containers worldwide.
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