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Orbcomm introduces chassis monitoring for transport sector

Iain Morris
October 8, 2014

Satellite player Orbcomm has introduced a new chassis tracking solution for the transportation industry.

The GT 1100 Chassis Tracking Solution has been specifically designed to facilitate chassis management for owners and operators of fleets, says the company, and should help customers to slash costs and run more efficient operations.

The service comes with Orbcomm’s GT 1100 tracking and monitoring device, along with the requisite proximity sensor and custom mounting bracket.

It is said to be capable of providing details of chassis location as well as timely load status information, and is able to determine whether an associated container is mounted or unmounted on the chassis as it moves through the supply chain.

Orbcomm (Rochelle Park, NJ, USA) says that customers using the service can expect to realize benefits in terms of asset utilization, turn times, billing and yard planning.

The equipment can be installed on all chassis types, according to the satellite operator, and can be connected to a tractor’s power source – besides relying on its own solar rechargeable battery – for uninterrupted connectivity.

Orbcomm says the dual-power source will ensure efficient messaging and long service life in the field, providing a reliable solution with a low cost of ownership.

“With the launch of our powerful GT 1100-CTS, Orbocomm has further enhanced its solutions portfolio for the transportation industry so we can track and monitor nearly every type of transport asset – from dry to refrigerated trailers, rail, intermodal containers, gensets and now chassis,” said Marc Eisenberg, Orbcomm’s chief executive.

“We are making it easy for a company in transportation to control all of their assets,” he added.

The chassis tracking solution also comes with the operator’s CargoWatch web application for device management.

The application is intended to provide near real-time alerts on chassis location, geofence entry and exit and status change events.
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