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UK charity to pilot M2M device for monitoring Parkinson's

Iain Morris
October 1, 2014
UK health charity Parkinson’s UK has announced plans to begin trialling a new medical device that it says could revolutionize treatment of the condition.

The Parkinson’s KinetiGraph was developed in Australia by Global Kinetics Corporation and is to be made available in the UK as part of a 12-month pilot project being run by the charity.

Parkinson’s UK says the KinetiGraph will allow Parkinson’s symptoms to be monitored remotely for the first time ever.

It will enable access to the device for up to 200 Parkinson’s sufferers during its pilot project.

The KinetiGraph as been designed to be worn on the wrist and will automatically record specific movement data and information about medication concordance.

The information it generates will be able to help clinicians more accurately monitor symptoms and better manage the illness.

“Our company was founded by leading Australian neurologists and brain researcher who recognised that clinicians require actionable information to inform their patient management,” said Andrew Maxwell, the managing director and chief executive of Global Kinetics.

“GKC has long held the view that measurement matters in Parkinson’s, and this will assist clinicians to provide optimum treatment, leading to better quality of life for patients and superior health cost outcomes,” he added.

During the pilot, patients will be required to wear the technology for ten days before a consultation with their specialist so that information about their symptoms and the impact these have on daily activities can be tracked.

“This is a new way of managing Parkinson’s and we eagerly await the outcome of this important evaluation program,” said Steve Ford, the chief executive of Parkinson’s UK.

“Mobile health technologies provide a new opportunity to monitor and manage this debilitating movement disorder affecting an estimated 127,000 people in the UK alone,” he added.

The technology has already been validated and used in premier movement disorder centers across Europe, Australia and Asia, says GKC.
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