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GE launches new M2M service to support wastewater, industrial sectors

Iain Morris
October 1, 2014

GE has put a new M2M technology called Equipment Insight at the heart of a recently launched services program aimed at bringing about logistics and other operational improvements in the wastewater industry and other industrial sectors.

The manufacturing giant said the service program had been launched to better support customers of GE’s Roots-branded blowers, compressors and controls products.

The program – Roots InSite Support – combines hardware and software to help customers maximize the performance of local site equipment through an after-market service offering.

GE (Fairfield, CT, USA) says that with the program it will be able to provide information, troubleshooting and other support to ensure its customers’ assets continue to run smoothly, helping them to avoid unnecessary downtime and associated costs.

Thanks to the technologies being used with the program, GE equipment experts are able to detect equipment problems at an early stage, allowing companies to avoid extended outages.

“Today’s OEMs are being pressed to deliver higher levels of service to customers without increasing cost,” said Steve Pavlosky, solutions ecosystem leader for GE Intelligent Platforms. “GE Oil & Gas, for instance, was looking to monitor their equipment and share asset information with their end users.”

“Equipment Insight was a perfect fit,” he added. “We provided the infrastructure that helps GE Oil & Gas get closer to their customers by enabling a service the customer needs on a machine they know.”

Marc Lindenmuth, a product manager at GE Oil & Gas, said that Equipment Insight would simplify machine-to-device and device-to-cloud communications and give it a platform on which it could build in the future.

“As one of the world’s largest OEMs,” said Pavlosky, “GE has the experience and vast installed base to harness the power of today’s technological transformation – elastic computing power, ubiquitous connectivity and cloud computing – and make it work for companies of any size.”
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