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Elecsys to run 4G asset tracking technology over AT&T network

Iain Morris
October 1, 2014

M2M hardware developer Elecsys has flagged a new partnership with AT&T that will allow it to make use of the US operator’s national and international networks to provide its technology.

The company’s gateways and modems have been used in various industries to support asset tracking and remote monitoring services, delivering logistics benefits and other efficiency gains for customers.

Its Director Z3 industrial data communications gateway, for instance, is used to monitor oil and gas pipelines, while the Elecsys RFM-100 remote monitoring system has been deployed to help track railroad wayside equipment.

Both of those devices have already been certified for use of the AT&T (Dallas, TX, USA) network and other products look set to follow.

Indeed, Elecsys (Olathe, KS, USA) says that it plans to certify all of its current M2M products for deployment on the AT&T network over the coming months.

The operator has one of the most extensive telecoms networks in the US market but also maintains roaming agreements with operators outside the country that should allow Elecsys to expand internationally.

Elecsys has developed a new 4G data modem that will be able to operate on the LTE network maintained by AT&T.

Although basic M2M services have typically made use of slower 2G and 3G connections, the industry is gradually shifting towards LTE as equipment prices fall and networks become more pervasive.

Elecsys says its agreement with AT&T will give it direct data access to cellular networks in more than 160 countries worldwide, including Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Brazil and South Africa.

“We are excited to work directly with AT&T as we continue expanding our products into more industries and markets around the world,” said Karl Gemperli, the president and chief executive of Elecsys. “The reliability and coverage of AT&T’s worldwide network is ideal for our industrial M2M equipment which is used in critical applications in remote locations across the globe.”

“Our relationship with AT&T should streamline the deployment of Elecsys solutions into new regions and allow our customers to reliably link their systems with data networks and integrate them to the Industrial Internet of Things,” he added.
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