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NetComm introduces low-cost CDMA router for equipment monitoring

Iain Morris
October 1, 2014

M2M device maker NetComm Wireless has introduced a new router designed to work on Verizon’s CDMA network and aimed particularly at customers wanting to monitor industrial equipment and other assets.

The CDMA Light Industrial M2M Router Plus (NWL-15) is a new addition to the company’s Light Industrial Series and has already been certified for use on Verizon’s (New York City, NY, USA) CDMA network, one of the most extensive in the US market.

NetComm (Sydney, Australia) says the device will deliver “seamless connectivity” to applications in areas such as retail, asset management, healthcare, security and agriculture.

The M2M technology being developed by companies like NetComm allows organizations to monitor equipment in a variety of different locations and reduce the costs of maintaining it.

Organizations can, for instance, use M2M to track the condition of food and other perishable goods while they are being delivered to customers.

NetComm claims that its NWL-15 has been designed to overcome the cost and complexity barriers of M2M deployment and will bring new connection options and interface formats to the Light Industrial Series to bolster “multi-sector” M2M growth.

The company says the new router will deliver low-cost asset monitoring and management capabilities and expects it to accelerate the adoption of M2M in North America.

According to data from the GSM Association, M2M already accounts for about one in ten mobile connections in the North American market – the highest proportion of M2M connections on a regional basis.

“This launch strengthens NetComm Wireless’ existing partnership with Verizon Wireless and we are pleased to continue a collaboration that gives businesses the opportunity to transform their operations using M2M technologies,” said David Stewart, the president and chief executive of NetComm. “With a number of legacy machines requiring serial connectivity, as well as connectivity to a broad range of sensors, the NWL-15 has been designed for seamless integration across a broad range of M2M applications.”
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