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SkyBitz unveils GPS tracking service for North American market

Iain Morris
October 1, 2014

Asset-tracking specialist SkyBitz has begun offering a new GPS monitoring service that will operate on 3G and 4G networks in the North American market.

The Falcon GXT2000 is designed to track the location and status of assets without the need for an external power source throughout what SkyBitz (Herndon, VA, USA) describes as “the entire chain of events” – including arrival at and departure from customer sites.

By combining the service with its SkyBitz as a Service platform, the company hopes to speed up technology deployment for customers and lower the costs of asset management services.

SkyBitz claims the new technology is ideal for organizations that need to track unpowered assets like intermodal containers, chassis and trailers and are looking for greater visibility and security.

The technology has been developed on the same basis as the earlier GXT3000 and delivers location and status information that should allow customers to reduce capital expenses for trailer or asset purchases and improve fleet capacity.

The technology will also let customers react quickly to unexpected supply chain disruptions, claims SkyBitz, as well as new capacity and business demands.

“We are committed to revolutionizing the way businesses optimize, manage and protect their assets,” said Henry Popplewell, the senior vice president and general manager of SkyBitz. “Through offering the broadest portfolio of industry leading products, combined with the SkyBitz as a Service subscription platform, customers can more quickly deploy the best solution fitted to their unique needs without any upfront investment.”

SkyBitz says the technology takes an average of 30 minutes to install and is resistant to harsh conditions.

It is also highly energy efficient, says the company, and can be programmed to shut down when in a specific geographic zone or for periods of time to conserve power – for instance, when a container is on rail.

Information from the GXT2000 is delivered to end users via the company’s SkyBitz InSight asset management tool.
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