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JHI hopes to improve medication adherence with new platform features

Iain Morris
September 24, 2014
Janssen Healthcare Innovation (JHI) has added a new Patient Dashboard feature to its Care4Today Mobile Health Manager platform, which is designed to help patients on medication stay on track with their treatment.

The Patient Dashboard will let healthcare providers and pharmacies monitor the self-reported medication adherence of their patients, said JHI in a statement.

The company – a subsidiary of medical devices and pharmaceuticals giant Johnson & Johnson – said patients would be able to ‘opt in’ to provide their doctors with a view of their medication adherence.

Should a patient who has activated the feature miss a doss, his or her doctor or care provider will be able immediate action, if deemed necessary.

The Care4Today platform now stores details of some 40,000 FDA-approved medications and uses a color-coded system to prompt patients when they need to take medication.

The technology is available as an app that will function on almost all mobile phones, says JHI, including basic feature phones.

Research has shown that patients most often fail to take medications simply because they forget.

The World Health Organization reckons 50% of those with chronic illnesses forget to take medications on time, leading to delayed recovery, disease relapse and hospitalization.

Medication-related hospitalizations are thought to cost the US economy about $100 billion a year.

“One of the challenges a physician faces is going weeks or even months between appointments with a given patient,” said Tony Mills, medical director at the Southern California Men’s Medical Group. “We use technology to treat patients when they are in the hospital. Why shouldn't we use technology to keep patients out of the hospital as well?”
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